Monday, January 17, 2011

Energy savings and Home: water

With this article, I have dared to give a series of tips related to the energy consumption at home and natural resources. We dividiremos into two parts, which are two of the resources you figures you can bequeath to consume a House.


The first one, and we will try in this first article is water.It water is a natural resource essential for all known life forms, human beings are made up of 80% of water. This substance covers 71% of the surface of the Earth's crust. It is mainly located in the oceans which concentrates 96.5% of the total water, glaciers and polar ice caps have 1.74%.However, in recent years we have account that water is a good little. I enter all can contribute to that not is he squandered, as taking a series of habits can save a lot of water.There are devices that lower water spending in fitting: Paralizadores: they enroscan in I knob and cost about 16 or 20 euros.


Fittings single: replaced two controllers to have easier control over volume and the temperature of the water.Thermostatic cartridges: They inserted into the tap to avoid the complete change of the fitting and allow to reach the desired water temperature without having the tap open for a long time.Other devices include are: showers ahorradoras and other devices to reduce spending tanks.Apart from trying to transform some supplies or reduce the flow of water, also remains the choice usually very recommended to close the taps when they are not using (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc...)

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