Sunday, January 30, 2011

Energy efficiency | IDAE: Institute for the diversity visa and energy savings

Institute for diversification and energy saving (IDAE) is a Spanish business public entity that depends on the Secretariat-General for energy and in turn the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade . Their functions, programs and activities are varied and also has on its website with a large amount of information and statistics on saving energy , energy efficiency and renewable energy.


IDAE mission is precisely, the promote energy efficiency and rational use in our country, and at the same time encourage the diversification of energy production with special emphasis on renewable energy. Their projects both within the Action Plan 2005-2012 strategy-saving and energy efficiency to Spain as in the Plan of energy renewable 2005- 2010 .

Of their multiple areas of work include:

the promotion of the implementation of new technologies saving and substitution in the industrial sectors, agriculture, housing, services, buildings and transportation .the management and monitoring of energy efficiency and savings plans developed in Spain .the promotion of the use of rational and efficient energy in all areas.


collaboration with the European Commission and with other countries in the management of programmes energy. support for Spanish companies seeking funds to finance the implementation of these integrated provision of energy efficiency to those sectors which require a catalyst for its implantation. promoting the competitiveness of the Spanish companies guaranteeing the sustainability and environmental respect.

To know in details the funding programmes that gives this institution, access reports updated on renewable energies and councils to improve the energy efficiency of IDAE we recommend entering .

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