Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Recycle Batteries

 With the increasing development of consumer electronics, batteries have been increased in recent years within each household. In general, once the batteries are exhausted and no longer serve, are thrown everywhere. This represents a real threat to the environment when, instead of throwing them away, they can serve and be used again if they made ​​proper recycling. It is estimated that if 87% of the population is devoted to recycle batteries, you might get more effective recovery of a third party.  

As for batteries, for example, could put lead-acid batteries found in cars. In this case, the recovery rate by the recycling could be 105%, a number of units recovered slightly higher than the flow exiting each year. The European Union, a directive of 2006, declined to give an impetus to the recovery and recycling of batteries. The EU has set a goal for 2016: getting 45% of recovered materials. This seems an ambitious project, however, is not. Simply relies on the participation of all citizens, businesses, industries.

Each household may be reaching a lot of batteries, perhaps more than fifty. That may sound huge, but enough to look around: MP3 alarm clock, wireless mice, from phones to watches, remote control garage with cameras ... If we start to look closely at the batteries are everywhere . From there arises the need to recover its components to give them a second life. In fact, the recycling of one ton of used batteries allows to obtain 600 kg of heavy metals, including, for example 300 to 350 kg of zinc, nickel 20 kg and 2 kg of mercury. These compounds, contained in a single stack, are sufficient to contaminate 40 liters of water for 50 years

 If we analyze this, we will understand the need to contribute to not contaminate the environment. For the proper recycling of used batteries have two options, the first is deposit on containers of batteries, for that purpose. They are usually distributed in the city, on bus shelters ... and usually have several compartments, one for button cells, and one for the other batteries.

  If you do not know where to find one of these containers, we take them to the recycling center in our district. By the way, we can take the ride to take used oil, used clothing ... waste and those that do not fit in any of the usual container. Each of us can put your two cents at this stage that corresponds to the first phase of this process: the stage of garbage collection. This is very valuable our contribution because we can cooperate by separating the whole of our batteries and placing then in the corresponding containers so they can go later to the second stage in which the plants are responsible for their transformation.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Create Your Urban Garden

Containers need to start where the different vegetables grow, we can reuse food containers, fruit boxes, etc., besides being a very economical alternative contributes to the care of the planet.

Also we must be careful when choosing a substrate for our culture, as this must have certain characteristics of pH (around pH 6.5 is optimal) and consistency, which is given by the percentage of clay.

For some crops, like tomatoes or green beans, we also need tutors (can serve bamboo or branches of a tree), to prevent the fruit from falling to the ground.

 Next we must consider what we can grow vegetables, depending on site characteristics of the garden: if it is a sunny spot can grow tomatoes, but not strawberries. If we can choose a spacious fruit and large vegetables such as watermelons, pumpkins and melons, but if space is our limiting factor, we must be content to plant lettuce, spinach and some cherry tomatoes.

The best structure to create a garden in our house is oriented in north-south direction and making sure the soil is rather flat.

It is convenient to divide the garden into four equal parts so we can plant different vegetables like:

The following fruits: potatoes, carrots, leeks, onions, asparagus, etc.. Plants leaf lettuce, cauliflower, spinach, etc.. Legumes: beans, peas, beans, etc.. Fruit plants: tomato, cucumber, zucchini

We must keep in mind when planning the composition of our garden, that certain plant associations are beneficial for growth, while others are detrimental.

It should rotate crops every year because it will make the earth naturally replenish minerals and not depleted. In addition, different species have different requirements. It is also advisable to rest the land every four or five years. If we believe necessary to fertilize our garden we should opt for green alternatives, such as manure or earthworm humus.

When we have a garden at home we realize that it is the privileged place of our home and we are doing our bit and contribute to preserving the environment. Also enjoy the full flavor of the vegetables that have ripened naturally do not lose their properties.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Control of pollution

These tasks not only must be carried out at the time in that wing activity is underway, but that should be taken before, during and after each venture, although of course is, practice makes us see that it does not always happen as it has been planned.

While often used as a synonym, pollution control is not the same as environmental management, but that is part of proper planning of it, comprising a series of basic controls that must be repeated for a time unknown, until eventually the problem (in case of be a temporary problem) or shaped permanentIf it is assigned to the control of a given space.

Basically, it consists in the control of emissions and effluents that are emitted during a specific activity, releasing these substances to different media, and thus responsible for the following areas:

The implementation of pollution controls on a regular basis is of great importance in the industrial and economic activities in general, as they tend to be invasive for the use of raw materials from nature, requiring a hierarchy of controls, most important being the following:

Pollution prevention: taking into account all the preventive measures to take to prevent the emission of these toxic to the environment. Waste minimization: accompanied by a reduction in emissions, assign new life cycles to waste through a correct treatment also helps to reduce the environmental impact of the economic activity undertaken.

These measures depend exclusively on Clean agent to treat, as we have seen many times, every toxic has no specific treatment, appropriate to their physico-chemical conditions storage and then depending on this the measures to take.

The important thing about the Control measures is in education and personal initiative that each must take, to face the consequences of each action and noticing that each residue discarded improperly can generate irreparable damage within a variable time.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Environment: Mister Pak

Mister Pak is the new website of Tetra Pak, world leader in process and packaging of food, in which the protagonist is a container of cardboard sensitized with the environment and that will show you each of the aspects of the company.

Pantry.In this section you will find out what products are those that can be packaged as sauces, sodas, juices, tomatoes, lácteos…Environment. It is the core principal of the philosophy of Tetra Pak, in this section you can discover the importance of the sound management of forests and the use of new materials such as plastics plant.Protects the good.

When buying always we worry about the aspect of food and the container goes unnoticed, in this section you will see the importance of food security and how Tetra Pak performs quality controls to their packaging and conservation UHT process. 

Arts and crafts.Tetra Pak cartons are fully recyclable and also its versatility makes them suitable to unleash creativity. In this section you will learn to make dolls, sculptures, lámparas… even boats that are capable of sailing with the Tetra Pak packaging. 

If you want to test your memory comes into this section and test with "Memory" can get a free t-shirt! In addition, you will be able to test your knowledge on Tetra Pak and win a trip to Sweden and to get rural packs! 

News. In this section you can access the newest news about packaging cardboard and everything related to the interests of the consumer.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Conductive and Insulating Materials

Materials They can be classified in conductors or insulators, according to leading electricity with ease or not do so. This classification depends on how strongly are United electrons to its structures, as this is an indication of the energy required to give them mobility inside the material, i.e. to conduct electricity.

This differentiation is useful within certain limits. For example, quartz

melt is 10 quadrillion times better insulation than copper, which is why both tend to be regarded as excellent insulator and conductor, respectively. Metals and non-distilled water are considered to be good drivers, plastics and glass are good insulators.

Water in its chemically pure State is an insulating substance. However, in nature are found in solution with other substances that occur in its structure ions with relative freedom of movement. In such circumstances, these solutions are very good conductive of electricity.

A strategy used to avoid accidents caused by the accumulation of static electricity is to increase the surface conductivityby elevation of relative humidity. Many times it is installed for this purpose an integrated team humidification system

air conditioning. The moist air conducts electricity and prevents the surfaces are loaded.
This classification are currently added materials called semiconductors such as Silicon and germanium, which are good insulators when they are in pure crystalline state, but they conduct electricity when only some atoms of the Crystal are replaced with others, such as arsenic or boron, using the technique known as taken drugs of the material.

Semiconductors have extensive technological application, for example in the manufacture of transistors.
Some materials that are considered good drivers increase their conductivity virtually infinite when it cools them at temperatures close to absolute zero (- 273 K): are the so-called superconductors.
Currently, found some ceramic materials superconductors at temperatures of more than 100 k. Isabela great expectations with regard to the design of superconducting materials to higher temperatures that would enable significant energy savings.

In conductive materials, the burden is distributed on the surface, which is easily understandable if one takes into account the repulsion between the equal sign loads and relative mobility available in good conductivity materials.

The concentration of load depends on the curvature of the surface, and can be verified experimentally that the maximum concentration occurs in the értices or tips.

The human body can be considered as a good driver. When the relative humidity is low, you can accumulate loads fairly high, caused for example by the friction of shoes with soil insulation.
The friction of the garments of silk, wool or synthetic fibres, that when withdrawals result in often small sparks electric also audible and visible as a weak Crackle can also be observed. 

These considerations become significant importance as to avoid accidents for those people who work with highly flammable materials and also for which handled with sensitive electronic equipment, that they might suffer some damage by the action of this small Download.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Going Green Living - Alternative Eenergy Sources

The need for alternative sources of energy is nothing new, but at this time, the need is urgent at the global level. People and Governments are reeling from the impact of the surprising energy costs increase and alarmed by the many dangers by environmental problems.

Throughout history, we have seen changes in the types of energy used. As soon as the years of 1200 people exchanging wood for charcoal as deforestation locally produced. 300 years later, societies then relied on oil after exhausting the supply of oil shale used to fuel lamps. In the early 1900s, oil of corn-based ethanol had supplied the demand for energy.

When the world began to run on wheels and scroll through the skies and seas, it increased the need for fuel, eventually drying local wells. As a result, United States returned to import oil to keep the transport, industry, and moving internal finally rely so strongly needs oil foreign 58% of its supply is imported now.
According to the latest statistics of the Government of United States, it is still increasing the overall power consumption by 2030, it is expected that the world would require 700 quadrillion BTU to continue to operate.

Switch or stay?
In addition the depletion of our natural energy resources, worldwide, people also are feeling the effects of the increase in the cost of electricity and rising cost of living expenses. On the domestic front, this poses a dilemma, because the family needs are a priority, and electricity certainly qualifies as a basic need.
So what are the alternatives to provide the basics, but still offers affordability?

As a result, many people are seeing "green". The green movement is to exploit alternative energy sources instead of relying too much on public service for the needs of energy companies. Alternative sources of energy provide renewable energy for your needs of electricity in the fraction of the cost of delivered energy utility.

Switching to alternative sources of energy will have time to put into action across the country, but as changes in the landscape of energy, more households and industries will use alternative energies. probably causing the decline of the excessive reliance on imported oil. This will be good for the economy depends on expensive imported oil as the United States.

These are very good reasons to evaluate alternative sources of energy now.
To begin, assess what alternative source of energy is best for your needs - solar, geothermal or wind power options.

Popular forms of alternative energy sources
Solar energy is a renewable energy alternative favorite of domestic energy. This option uses the photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into electrical energy. Only the solar panels produce hot water and steam. Combined, these technologies provide energy to power homes. Solar energy has very low levels of carbon dioxide emissions in comparison with emissions of petrol from the same chemical compound that is partly because of climate change.

For geothermal energy, the Earth's heat is used to supply the energy needs. To catch this energy, are drilled deep holes to the level where there is a potential place of geothermal heat. The exhaust steam is directed into a turbine with a generator of current, which converts the steam to electricity. This is the preferred method for large industry and public utility companies.

The homeowner, however, need not dig far to enjoy the benefits of geothermal energy. The geothermal heat pump uses the stable soil temperature a few hundred feet under the ground to provide heat and air conditioning. You can also provide you with hot water.
Wind energy is converted into electricity using wind turbines. Wind power produces at least 1.5 per cent of the electricity in the world. Currently, this is an alternative energy source in Denmark, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Choose the source of alternative energy
Please note that it's not cheap to install solar panels or investing in geothermal or wind energy - will also depend on the amount of electricity you need for your home - but rewards later last lifetime. It may also be eligible for a federal tax credit, if you are a resident of United States, but many Governments in the world are offering incentives for residents to convert to renewable energies.

Talk with alternative energy traders and ask them to help him make the transition from utility power supplied to the alternative energy source today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Evolution of Different Types of Alternative Energy and Their Uses in Our Society

Sources of energy which are exploitable or usable upon research are considered to be alternative forms of energy. There are a variety of sources of alternative methods of energy which can replace ordinary sources. When these alternative sources of energy can be used for each is home is depends on changes over time.
The most basic source of energy is wood. Long ago, wood was originally used to heat wood stoves and cooking. In today's times, wood is becoming harder to find and people are looking for new ways to replace the use of wood. Coal is often substituted as an alternative source of energy. Coal is very abundant. By merely creating a coal mine, coal will be present.

Another alternative energy source is petroleum. Whale oil was once used during the 19th century but has since been replaced with petroleum. The whale oils were typically used for lamp fuel and lubricants. Petroleum is not used because it is much cheaper to produce.

As previously stated, petroleum is the very best alternative method rather than using whale oil. Petroleum is becoming more limited these days and other alternatives are being sought after. Coal gasification has been used many times in replacement of petroleum. By using coal gasification, gas is produced from coal.
Alcohol is considered to be an excellent alternative energy source. A long time ago, people used to use fossil fuels instead of alcohol. Fossil fuels became very scarce as well as expensive. In 1917, the use of alcohol was implemented an alternative to energy. The benefit of using alcohol is the fact that by building an ethanol plant makes the process very successful.

Zero carbon alternatives are another source. In many countries where the climate changes often and storing energy is difficult, the use of biomass combustion and hydrogen is being used. This is derived from the use of natural gas and is not present in any alternatives which are available because the world wide use is not common at all.

There are a few countries who treat the use of natural gases as an effective and alternative energy source. When compared to using petroleum, natural gas is effective to use an alternative. Some of the potential sources of energy of natural gases include the decomposing of landfill waste, waste materials of the agricultural industry, and any plant or manure parts which are unused.

There are also many more..
In our evolving age of advancement and technology growth, there are many countries who are now resorting to using geothermal and hydro plants in the production of energy. This type of energy is considered to be renewable. There are many other examples such as solar energy resources.

 Solar energy is energy which is produced from wind mills and the ocean. The use of solar energy is considered to be the very best alternative rather than the use of fossil fuels, coal or petroleum. These energy sources are renewable because energy is produced without combusting or wasting anything. The source of renewable energy is being used as an alternative in today's times because this source remains unlimited and very accessible.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lowering Your Electric Bill by Creating Alternative Energy

The concept of alternative energy is one that provides homes and individuals with the ability to cut costs on electric bills while giving a means to assist with the environment. If you are trying to build an understanding of what it means to create alternative energy, then understanding the components that are involved, as well as the options for changing the way your home runs with energy is the beginning to getting the most out of the lights, heat or water in your home.

The concept of alternative energy is one that moves beyond the traditional means of energy that is used by energy companies. The typical way of using lights and turning on heat or air conditioning is done through the use of fuel that is burned. Gas is the most common component that is used to fuel different homes.
The problem with gas as a main way to heat homes is two fold. The first is that it leads to carbon emissions that are placed in the air, which leads to environmental concerns. The second problem is that the energy continues to become a commodity because it cannot be used again. Most energy companies continue to raise prices with the gas that is used because of this, leaving homes with higher energy bills and complications that continue with the environment.

If you want to create alternative energy, then you can begin by looking at the potential of renewable energy. This is built as a natural source of energy that is used to help your home get the support it needs with energy, while lowering the costs as well as environmental concerns. Renewable energy includes everything from wind power to sun or water that is added into your home, all which are able to continuously provide energy without the problems with burning or wasting energy.

If you are looking into renewable energy, then you can begin by looking at various construction methods for your home. The main ideal is to create a source that can draw from the wind, sun or water. Once this happens, the energy will convert into electricity or heat and will store more energy to create alternative energy for your home.

For anyone that is searching for a way to cut electric costs, while providing the environment with a new way to breathe, is the ability to get the most by learning how to create alternative energy. Using renewable energy and building your own system for keeping the light in your house going is the beginning to enjoying a new way of getting the energy you need.