Saturday, May 5, 2012

Environment: Mister Pak

Mister Pak is the new website of Tetra Pak, world leader in process and packaging of food, in which the protagonist is a container of cardboard sensitized with the environment and that will show you each of the aspects of the company.

Pantry.In this section you will find out what products are those that can be packaged as sauces, sodas, juices, tomatoes, lácteos…Environment. It is the core principal of the philosophy of Tetra Pak, in this section you can discover the importance of the sound management of forests and the use of new materials such as plastics plant.Protects the good.

When buying always we worry about the aspect of food and the container goes unnoticed, in this section you will see the importance of food security and how Tetra Pak performs quality controls to their packaging and conservation UHT process. 

Arts and crafts.Tetra Pak cartons are fully recyclable and also its versatility makes them suitable to unleash creativity. In this section you will learn to make dolls, sculptures, lámparas… even boats that are capable of sailing with the Tetra Pak packaging. 

If you want to test your memory comes into this section and test with "Memory" can get a free t-shirt! In addition, you will be able to test your knowledge on Tetra Pak and win a trip to Sweden and to get rural packs! 

News. In this section you can access the newest news about packaging cardboard and everything related to the interests of the consumer.

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