Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Evolution of Different Types of Alternative Energy and Their Uses in Our Society

Sources of energy which are exploitable or usable upon research are considered to be alternative forms of energy. There are a variety of sources of alternative methods of energy which can replace ordinary sources. When these alternative sources of energy can be used for each is home is depends on changes over time.
The most basic source of energy is wood. Long ago, wood was originally used to heat wood stoves and cooking. In today's times, wood is becoming harder to find and people are looking for new ways to replace the use of wood. Coal is often substituted as an alternative source of energy. Coal is very abundant. By merely creating a coal mine, coal will be present.

Another alternative energy source is petroleum. Whale oil was once used during the 19th century but has since been replaced with petroleum. The whale oils were typically used for lamp fuel and lubricants. Petroleum is not used because it is much cheaper to produce.

As previously stated, petroleum is the very best alternative method rather than using whale oil. Petroleum is becoming more limited these days and other alternatives are being sought after. Coal gasification has been used many times in replacement of petroleum. By using coal gasification, gas is produced from coal.
Alcohol is considered to be an excellent alternative energy source. A long time ago, people used to use fossil fuels instead of alcohol. Fossil fuels became very scarce as well as expensive. In 1917, the use of alcohol was implemented an alternative to energy. The benefit of using alcohol is the fact that by building an ethanol plant makes the process very successful.

Zero carbon alternatives are another source. In many countries where the climate changes often and storing energy is difficult, the use of biomass combustion and hydrogen is being used. This is derived from the use of natural gas and is not present in any alternatives which are available because the world wide use is not common at all.

There are a few countries who treat the use of natural gases as an effective and alternative energy source. When compared to using petroleum, natural gas is effective to use an alternative. Some of the potential sources of energy of natural gases include the decomposing of landfill waste, waste materials of the agricultural industry, and any plant or manure parts which are unused.

There are also many more..
In our evolving age of advancement and technology growth, there are many countries who are now resorting to using geothermal and hydro plants in the production of energy. This type of energy is considered to be renewable. There are many other examples such as solar energy resources.

 Solar energy is energy which is produced from wind mills and the ocean. The use of solar energy is considered to be the very best alternative rather than the use of fossil fuels, coal or petroleum. These energy sources are renewable because energy is produced without combusting or wasting anything. The source of renewable energy is being used as an alternative in today's times because this source remains unlimited and very accessible.

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