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Restricting nuclear power has little effect on the cost of climate policies

ScienceDaily (Oct. 1, 2012) — By applying a global energy-economy computer simulation that fully captures the competition between alternative power supply technologies, a team of scientists analyzed trade-offs between nuclear and climate policies. Strong greenhouse-gas emissions reduction to mitigate global warming shows to have much larger impact on economics than nuclear policy, according to the study. Incremental costs due to policy options restricting the use of nuclear power do not significantly increase the cost of even stringent greenhouse-gas emissions reductions.

"Questions have been raised if restricting nuclear energy -- an option considered by some countries after the accident in Fukushima, Japan -- combined with climate policies might get extremely expensive. Our study is a first assessment of the consequences of a broad range of combinations of climate and nuclear policies," lead author Nico Bauer says. Restrictions on nuclear power could be political decisions, but also regulations imposed by safety authorities. Power generation capacities would have to be replaced, but fossil fuels would become costly due to a price on CO2 emissions, this in sum is the main concern.

"However, in case of restricted use of nuclear power, the flexibility of allocating a long-term carbon budget over time enables higher near-term emissions due to increased power generation of natural gas," Bauer says. Along with demand reductions and efficiency improvements, these provisions could help fill the gap on electricity. The price of natural gas is projected to decrease due to demand reductions, according to the study. Decommissioning existing plants will also avoid refurbishment costs for expanding lifetimes of old nuclear power plants.

As a result, early retirement of nuclear power plants would lead to cumulative global gross domestic product losses (GDP) that amount to about 10 percent of climate policy costs. If no new nuclear capacities are allowed, the costs would amount to 20 percent.

For their study, the scientists looked into different nuclear power policies. These cover a range of scenarios from "Renaissance," with a full utilization of existing power plants, a possible refurbishment for a lifetime expansion and investments in new nuclear power capacities, to "Full exit," with a decommissioning of existing power plants and no new investments. They contrasted each scenario with climate policies implemented via an inter-temporal global carbon budget which puts a price on carbon emissions. For the budget, the cumulative CO2 emissions from the global energy sector were limited to 300 gigatons of carbon from 2005 until the end of the century. This represents a climate mitigation policy consistent with the target of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

"A surprising result of our study is the rather little difference between a 'Renaissance' or a 'Full exit' of nuclear power in combination with a carbon budget when it comes to GDP losses," Bauer says. While the 'no policy case' with a nuclear phase-out and no carbon budget has only negligible effect on global GDP, the imposition of a carbon budget with no restrictions on nuclear policy implies a reduction of GDP that reaches 2.1 percent in 2050. The additional phase-out of nuclear power increases this loss by about 0.2 percent in 2050 and hence has only little additional impact on the economy, because the contribution of nuclear power to the electricity generation can be substituted relatively easy by alternative technology options, including the earlier deployment of renewables.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Importance Of Alternative Energy Sources

One of the biggest challenges the human race faces today is finding and using alternative energy sources. The push for means of generating electricity has been around for over 100 years, but when oil and coal-fired generators produced power inexpensively, the world put the search for alternative energy sources on the back burner for a number of years.

We cannot procrastinate any longer, however, as many of the earth's natural resources, such as oil, are depleting.

A Short History Lesson on Alternative Energy Sources

The need for an alternate energy source was rekindled in the 1970's with the oil shortage that created lines at gas stations and produced critical shortages throughout the United States. The search for alternate power generation is not limited to finding new ways of powering vehicles, as supplying cheap power for homes and industries is a continuous endeavor. There have been many advances in the search for alternative energy sources, but the price of the power produced still remains too high.

Wind, water and sun are touted as renewable energy resources with claims that once the technology is perfected, making it more cost effective, they can replace the need for oil and natural gas to turn turbines in the generation process. Even geothermal power production is one of the alternate energy sources being researched.

The Source Of The Energy Depends on The Location

For many people the switch to alternative energy sources is a matter of finding the type of alternative power that works the best in their particular geographical location. Persons who live in areas that have limited exposure to the sun for example, may not be too excited about using solar panels to supply power. When the sun goes down for an extended number of days, the town can go dark.

In some of those areas, wind is not a problem as it seems to blow nearly every day. Using wind power to turn turbines to generate electricity can work there, but may not work in other areas that experience less windy conditions. Another of the alternative energy sources, hydropower uses the power of rivers to turn generators, but the cost of the infrastructure to get power to the people from the generator may still be high for long range use.

With the three major alternative energy sources continuing to be researched and advanced, the need for an answer to out problem becomes more evident every time a person receives their electric bill, or fills their car with gas.

The resources that we have left on the planet are running out. Do your part to keep educated on the latest changes in technology and any up to date with the issues at hand to learn what you can do to help solve the energy crisis.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Why is Alternative Energy Important?

The global economy is today far more intertwined than perhaps ever before. A natural calamity or terrorist attack affects the stock indexes of stock markets around the world. The mortgage crisis in the US has played havoc with the stock markets globally. Recession in the US and Europe causes a slide in the global economy. If these are rather obvious and agreed upon, it can also be accepted that the rising oil prices in the world market are pinching the lay consumer worldwide. Economic development and the consumerist culture have led to a spurt in the purchase of cars in several countries of late, notably India and China. Besides, car sales in the US and other developed nations show little sign of decreasing.

Environmental Concerns on the Rise

The environmental lobby is, in today's world, alive and kicking, if not influential as well. Indeed, there is growing awareness about the need for caring for the environment, among both governments and citizens. Global warming, the threat of an Arctic meltdown, and the like have acquired sinister overtones owing to unusual climatic phenomena being experienced in various parts of the world in recent years. When it doesn't rain in the rainy season, winter barely occurs, or it rains in deserts, you are wont to sit up and wonder just what the dickens might be happening. Hence, when the burning of fossil fuels is decried as adding to pollution, and depleting the ozone layer, it does acquire a negative tinge to it in the collective psyche.

Limited Reserves of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels have been formed over a period of time spanning millions of years. The entire known reserves of fossil fuels worldwide cannot last beyond perhaps centuries. This is assuming constant prices and no price is paid for the entailed environmental degradation. Even in view of the scarcity of the supply if fossil fuels as a source of power, it makes eminent sense to be actively considering alternative forms of energy. Once the economic, environmental and political issues are factored in, the quest for feasible alternative sources of power takes on an element of urgency.

Nations Toying with Alternative Energy

In recent years, we have been witnessing this urgent search for alternative energy the world over, whether it is France's adoption of nuclear energy, the Indian massive development of hydroelectricity, the Dutch fondness for wind energy, or the "corn for energy" experimental project in the US. Dependence on certain foreign nations for oil is fraught with the risk of letting them hostage the growth of the national economies. Wars have traditionally been fought over scarce resources, be it as varied as gold, land, spices, water or oil. The world might perhaps witness fewer conflicts if the crucial energy requirements of the various nations began to be met in greater proportion by renewable, locally prevalent and environment-friendly modes of alternative energy.

Inevitable Proliferation of Alternative Energy

To sum up, alternative energy is important because fossil fuels exist in limited reserves. Moreover, the consumption of fossil fuels is associated with unsavory environmental and medical consequences. The rising oil import bills is causing various nations to actively explore alternative forms of energy. in a bid to buoy up their respective economies. Several types of alternative energy are easily available, commercially viable and practically applicable. The energy scenario the world over can be expected to turn much more variegated, innovative and conscious of environmental concerns in the times to come.

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Way Out Alternative Energy Sources

When we think of viable alternative energy sources, we think of solar energy, wind power and even wave power. But have you ever considered the possibility of making energy out of old pills, used diapers and molten salt? Alternative energy from garbage and molten salt sources is no longer stuff of fiction; it has successfully been tried and tested. 

Alternative energy prevents waste and emissions

Since companies in the UK have to comply with commercial EPC regulations, alternative energy is not only for bunny huggers; everyone can benefit from producing energy from new sources. The energy needed to power our daily activities can be transferred from almost anything. We are sitting with all this potential energy but without the means to tap into it.

Some innovative scientists and inventors have found ways to convert waste, which is usually difficult to dispose of, into energy and this gives us the possibility of killing two birds with one stone.  Not only does this lessen the risk of chemical leakage into water tables and reduces landfill problems, but it also takes the strain off our stocks of fossil fuels and oil.

Use an energy pill

Medication seems one of the most unlikely sources of alternative energy.  Expired medication is notoriously difficult  to get rid of. If people flush their medication down the toilet, it becomes part of the water system, and if it's  thrown away as landfill, the potentially harmful chemicals seep into the soil and eventually water tables. Governments are becoming increasingly concerned about pharmaceutical water pollution, as scientists have found high levels of many drugs in water sources. Some of these are hormone pills, which can cause cancers and animal mutations.

A company in the USA that specialises in the disposal of expired medications sends expired drugs to an energy company that converts waste products into energy. Six and a half million pounds of pills were disposed of in 2006, producing enough energy to power hundreds of homes for over a year.

Fill up the tank with dirty diapers

Another alternative energy company was looking for waste sources that are consistently produced to make diesel fuel from. The answer came in the form of used diapers. The company now transforms 30, 000 tons of diapers into 10, 000 tons of diesel fuel at 50 US cents per liter in a low-emission closed system.

Molten salt versus fossil fuel

We've already looked to the elements, the air, sun and water, for alternative energy sources but a rocket building company and solar energy company in North America thought out of the box and came up with a method of making energy out of molten salt.

Molten salt has commonly been used to make alloys, but analysts say that the idea of combining solar power and molten salts is promising. Solar power is collected by tilting mirrors that direct it onto the molten salt, which is then heated up to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit; the  steam produced is used to drive a turbine. The molten salt can be reused to repeat the process and no emissions are produced.

Drive with drink

Thousands of bottles of smuggled alcohol are confiscated in Sweden each year, and authorities have come up with a brilliant alternative energy use for it - by using alcoholic cocktails as the biogas source to power cars and buses. It seems like a noble use for the large quantity of hard liquor produced for consumption each year.

Alternative energy sources give us a way out of the oil crisis and let us feel all warm and fuzzy inside about saving the environment with renewable energy. However, at the moment, it's difficult to make alternative energy resources accessible to everyone, as new energy systems are expensive to produce. 

Frances wrote this article for National Energy Consultants
Commercial EPC

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Waste Generation From Alternative Energy Sources

For many years we have been trying to get away from using fossil fuels and old inefficient electrical grinds. But, the move toward the widespread use of alternative energy sources has been a history of stop and goes attempts. Research and development of new technologies are needed for use to find cost-effective ways to harness this seemingly endless supply of clean, natural energy.

The most talked about form of alternative energy resources we can tap is wind power. The development and engineering of wind turbines continues to improve as the popularity, aka capital funding availability, spreads among the business community. In fact "wind farms" have begun to spring up across the world. The biggest issues with these wind farms are the noise vibration they emit and the danger to birds. No complete research has been completed to understand how the low ultrasonic vibrations may affect other wildlife; or humans.

Growing in popularity is solar energy. It is abundant and easy to capture for alternative energy use. The manufacturing of solar cells has rapidly developed with multiple uses adapted for small and even large scale applications. These solar cells gather the light energy given off by the sun which can be easily converted into electricity. It also is widely used to naturally generate hot water. Solar energy joins wind energy as alternative energy sources that create zero pollution. That is if you don't count sound or landscape alterations as pollution.

The largest and most abundant alternative energy source on earth is water. Governments and scientists backed by investors have been studying wave energy and the potential to tap it for clean energy. France has been operating a generator for a few years to study this potential and initial reports are promising.

The ocean is not the primary focus for water based alternative energy. Electricity has been generated from hydroelectric plants for almost a century. Places on earth that have a ready supply of adequate water sources such as rivers and lakes are in perfect position to generate clean energy. The issue becomes more complicated when a dam needs to be generated to create sufficient water flow to power the generators. Dams are not friendly to the wildlife and organisms in the area a dam may be built.

More recent technological advancements have opened the door to consider new alternative energy sources.

The first of these energy sources is energy we can create from the waste that people generate every day. Consider the number of landfills and expended oils. Methane gas can be captured and used to power generators. Not exactly "clean" gas but cleaner that coal and heavy oil. Waste oils from industrial and food consumption is likewise usually dumped. These waste oils can be used to power heaters and boilers to produce heat and steam as a power source.

Though the use of ethanol seems to have a very negative impact on the world's fuel supply it may prove beneficial in areas that can't efficiently tap into hydropower. We can't afford to use or food sources of wheat, sugarcane, grapes, strawberries and corn to provide us fuel when we need the nourishment for our personal source of energy. Likewise the consumption of soybean, rapeseed, and sunflower oils for bio diesel production is causing havoc on the world's food supply.

You can't discuss alternative energy without mentioning atomic energy from nuclear power plants. There is no alternative energy source that neither is as efficient nor can generate the enormous amount of clean pure energy than nuclear power. The waste product is the expended atomic energy that remains radioactive for hundreds of years. The amount of this waste product however, is minuscule relative to waste generated from other alternative energy sources.

You cannot create energy without some form of waste generation.

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What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is to use energy properly. Conventional energy sources are limited and therefore we must economize its use if we still have them in the future.

How can I save energy?
Firstly, it is very important to make moderate use of electronic devices. It is very common to stop using the computer and leave it plugged in to the mains, this is an error since we are still consuming energy. Therefore, the first tip is to disconnect all electrical appliances from the mains when let us use them.

Another way to save energy is to use public transport. This phrase that we have heard so much, is an ideal choice to reduce energy consumption and do not pollute the environment. Today is already very easy to buses, meters, taxis, trams can... make use of public bicycles, already established in the majority of cities.

If on the other hand we do not like to use public transport or is a medium that does not fit to our needs, and we prefer to take our particular car, we can also help to reduce the pollution of the environment. This is achieved by reducing the accelerations and the braking, avoiding driving at a very high speed, or turning the engine on long stoppages. If we follow these guidelines we will reduce energy consumption and help preserve the environment.

But there is more, what happens when we're at home and we have several lights of different rooms? At this time, we are consuming energy unnecessarily. We should be aware there is sunlight during the day and you should use. Artificial light consumes much and in the majority of occasions, without that make us really missing.

They renewable energy sources are key to avoid the great waste of energy that everyone in most of the time in unconscious way, we are doing. Many conscious entities have shown their commitment to the environment and have developed products that help reduce energy expenditure. For example, Junkers, leader in heating and hot water production, contributes to caring for the environment and to promote the use of renewable energy with its wide range of products.

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Fun tips for caring for the environment

These are the key points to be able to take care of the environment in a fun way:
Bet on the bicicletaTurnos to fetch the Ninosducharnos with the Pequenosreciclando cristalJugando boats in the dark

Fuel and gas emitting cars or motorcycles, are nothing good for the environment, so we can bet on to cycle on all sides.I know that for many us will be nothing fun, and it is in fact even somewhat tired, but as soon as you get used to carry a bicycle, it is difficult to use other transport, and more when in the cities there are all kinds of car parks for these.If you want to Save on fuel and the cost of our car, and also want to protect the environment, we can bet on talk to mothers or parents of the companions of our children and between all organize shifts to go looking for them without the need to use several cars.

Another fun idea is the bathing us with our children. In fact we can save water and also take advantage of to bathing children.A good idea is the father bathe with the children and the mother with the girls, this mode to avoid uncomfortable questions about the human anatomy by children.Reuse packaging of mayonnaise, margarine, etc.. It is something that we have all made on occasion and allowing in fact that we can protect the environment without that we hardly realize.Take advantage of boat you have, to make beautiful vases and pens. In addition when you extra, you can take advantage to give to friends and family.

Saving electricity is something very important and indeed ourselves we can turn off the lights and save electric energy to caring for the environment in this way.A fun idea that I propose implies also the smallest of the House since we play weekends or a few hours before bedtime to stay totally in the dark and with a few candles play Chinese shadows or tell horror stories. EST mode not only can amuse ourselves at home, also will spend less light.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Modify a type of bacteria to produce fuel

The author of this finding is Christopher Brigham, stating that the bacterium Ralstonia Eutropha when it stops growing uses all its energy in the manufacture of complex compounds of carbon.

And it is when your essential source of nutrients is restricted and does not have access to it, mainly nitrate and phosphate, launches a carbon storage mode.This carbon storage have a composition very similar to petroleum-based plastics, and it is here where the team Brighan, modifying some genes and inserting another gene from another organism have achieved that this bacterium is capable of generating fuel instead of plastic.
This modification of the bacteria is bacteria use carbon as a source instead of carbon dioxide, as well as use other types of agricultural waste or debris that can be transformed into fuel also through these changes in the bacteria.

Large enough samples of culture, researchers have managed to prove they can get quantities of Isobutanol, affirming Brigham one of their next goals is to increase the speed of production and obtaining this type of fuel as well as the introduction of bioreactors to industrial level for significant amounts of Isobutanol.
Who knows if we have a breakthrough in the search for natural and alternative sources of fuel, but we still have to wait and see how it works and progress investigations of the instituto Tecnológico of Massachusetts in the pursuit of a new type of fuel, although the drawback here is that we we have a new type of fuel, but it would not, as so far the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere and protection of the environment.

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Winds of Carondio and Muriellos

When we knew he was going to build the "Wind Park of Carondio and Muriellos" many us come to consider how the events would be developed since they were going to perform on the same land which was the Archaeological Park.

As you can imagine some came to put the cry in the sky thinking that it could destroy something so valuable.

The result has been satisfactory, for different reasons, among them that continued to find archaeological items have been respected by what the cultural value continues to increase.

Finally archaeological items of the wind park "Sierra de Carondio and Muriellos" can keep visiting it while maximizing renewable energies in the area, a primary aspect of both the environment and the area.

The procedure that has been followed was marked each of the elements to achieve that they remained intact. In this way, you can visit areas such as BARROW, Bowl, Carreiriega de los Gallegos and Roman camp, where archaeological items.

One of the most interesting aspects of this area at historic level, is that it was occupied by communities at the time of the prehistoric times as indicated by the remains that have been found.

Instead, other types of performances such as the restoration of the forest track has been in the area and even led at the end, the Roman camp of Moyapan have today the official cataloging in Allande IAC.
This work has been directed and performed by one of the most important companies worldwide in terms of renewable energy, EDP Renewables, which performs its actions both in Europe and America.
Do you know more wind farms in these conditions? What do you think?

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How the Kyoto Protocol is Doing?

With the end of the Kyoto Protocol just around the corner, many are countries including Spain (although somewhat later joined the initiative), wonder no go ahead or if in fact there will be a new commitment for controlled greenhouse gas emission when in fact the first carried out in many cases it has not fulfilled.

It was in the year 1997 in Kyoto (and within the framework of the third session of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change) when 163 countries representing the world's major economies pledged to carry out a protocol that would serve to control and reduce the emission of gases responsible for global warming greenhouse.

Although a priori all were good intentions, the truth is that it was soon seen as not all countries have fulfilled the objectives set.

Keep in mind that in meetings in Kyoto was determined that they were 6 gas which should reduce its emission since they were cause the greenhouse effect: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, the compound perfluocarbonados, consisting of hidrofluorocarbonated and sulphur hexafluoride.

From here are marked as standards which is to reduce emissions of 5.2 per cent of these gases between 2008 and 2012, with respect to the levels measured in 1990, although in each country, the fee varies depending on how contaminated in the past, and the obligation to inform 106 Nations in developing on their levels of pollution as well as give an account of his attempts to reduce them.Although the origin of this Protocol and that the major countries involved to comply with the regulations was good, many of them as United States, already "gave problems" since its inception even though they did not meet the reduction of emission of these gases. 

Government Durban climate summit (held at the end of the 2011) reached the conclusion that the Kyoto Protocol had not reached its goal although all countries which applied failed to reach the 5% required in reducing gases.However, others such as Spain (and that joined the Protocol in 2004), it has been fairly educate the citizens regarding the effects of these gases, but the truth is that it is difficult to say that we have reached an objective optimum, when even I have reported increased in the emission of these gases.

According to scientists, current emissions cuts will not prevent that the Earth is cencouraged at the end of century above 2 degrees Celsius considered dangerous and would be required to cut greenhouse gases by 50% by 2050, something that does not seem to be to comply.

Future on the Kyoto Protocol can say that it is something had and although some countries will undertake to apply in 2013, indeed than others as Russia, Canada and Japan announced his decision not to continue with that Protocol.It is a real shame because this Protocol is the only legally binding international instrument to reduce CO2 emissions.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home Made Energy

Home Made Energy (HME)

I wanted to share my experience in purchasing a product that many other people recommended: Home Made Energy I've been researching for many ways to generate renewable energy from your home.
It can be done. But until very recently this was very, very expensive.

Luckily, Bill Ford figured out a way to build a solar or wind generator for $200 or even $100.
I was skeptical at first when I saw their website. However, seeing that they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee, I decided to give it a fair trial.

And I was very pleasantly surprised by the whole experience with their product.
I just had to try both these systems.

And I had a lot of fun while building them.It taught me how to easily build a solar or wind generator. And I'm not an engineer or anything like that. It was that they specific details on where to get every piece and instructions on how to put everything together.

After about 6 hours spent on it and $170 invested, I had my own solar panel.
After another 5 hours spent and $120, I had my own wind mill generator.
I would say a big YES! Otherwise I wouldn't even bother to write about this.

You can buy a wind or solar generator and pay someone to install it. But from my research this will cost you at least a couple thousands dollars.

And the DIY products from Home Made Enrgy will generate all the electricity you need, with only a tiny bit of any other investment, whatsoever.

To me it was like buying "free gold". I save more on my monthly bill than I invested in the whole system.
This small thing that I've done for my home will save me this year thousands of dollars.

Plus, I have learned a lot from the Home Made Energy guide. Everything is explained very straight forward and it contains information that you need to know.
Otherwise you can rely on someone else. And you probably know how costly and frustrating this can be some times...

So, if you consume any electricity at all, this product is for you. I mean, you can even take your generators to family picnics. Yes, that means portable electricity!

If I want to get really fault-finder about this, I can probably think of one or two minor things that weren't great about the product:

1. HME is available only for the English-speaking market. If you only know how to speak Spanish, German or French, this one is no good for you. Unless you have a translator. But if you can read and comprehend my review, you won't have any problems with this one.

2. HME comes as an electronic book (eBook). I would have probably liked more to hold a genuine printed book in my hand, without having to print it myself. But they do have a good reason for providing only an online version. They update the guide on monthly basis.

They collect the information from users and also publish their latest discoveries when it comes to renewable energy. Plus another benefit to this is that you have instant access to it. It took me less than three minutes until I could read my own copy of Home Made Energy. Other than that, I give to everything a 10. The product gives superb value for the money.

If you care at all about how much you spend or about a healthier environment, you should grab this product now. I've research for more than 2 years now and I honestly haven't found anything like it, by a big margin.
There are some other guides for DIY wind and solar generators, but all of those that I've read don't get into the same details as Energy Made at Home

This product is the best product I have bought in the last five years, at least. Quality is great. Value is superb.
If you want to save money on your electricity bill, be energy independent, or even help our environment, then you need to grab Home Made Energy right now!

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The Best Solar Panels

Solar energy has become one of the most important renewable energies, and indeed we ourselves can not only count on it in cars or appliances that work with this energy, but we can also have it at home with solar panels that can install ourselves and which will allow us to take full advantage in the light of the Sun and thus not having to use electrical energyso it is necessary to know what the best or most suitable for our needs.
There are two types of solar panels and are panels photovoltaic traditional, that may be best known, and the of thin-film panels.The difference between the two, or indeed what everyone knows about them is that the photovoltaic can be installed in the soil or studs or ceiling and also its size is quite considerable.For the layer thin, which are in fact also solar, there is to say that they are much more fine, installed with some ease on a ceiling or on a terrace, for example and so many people are much more aesthetic, to put it in some way, most beautiful.

Photovoltaic solar panels, and surely you have seen at the top of buildings or large fields, are able to pick up their energy from sunlight and thanks to the use of a silicon and other materials that allow you to store this energy.

They are very good when the Sun is shining, in other words, they provide lots of energy but not so when the sun sets, by what they say with a storage system that allows that we have energy accumulated, similar to what do the batteries.Aside from a clear difference between its thickness, or the way in which they are installed, it must be said that the solar panels are photovoltaic or layer fine, are in both cases quite expensive in your installation (of layer a little more thin), and although probably not reach us the budget, we have to bear in mind that in the long run it will be a investment for the future
 May we now spend a lot of money in a few panels on our terrace install us, but think of all the money in the long run and over the years, you'll be saving in electric power conventional.

This type of solar panels also "suck" the energy of the Sun, although for many people they are still best, because they are simply much more fine, and in fact are able to bring us a lot of energy.These panels that are of a very thin film, are made from a material that is very light and flexible.

A material that allows very thin layers and is reactive to what does prevent the need for thick layers of other panels.So it is that, I repeat, are better for many people, but them can put on the floor or tiles of a terrace or a roof and without any support whatsoever.

Monday, September 17, 2012

New System of Wind Energy - The Wind Speeds Increased

Mass megawatts of wind energy, of Worcester, Massachusetts, says that the combination of its multiple axes Turbo (MAT) and flat MMW system will create a technology of wind energy for electricity generation cost at locations with low wind speeds, and thus increase production.

The augmentation system of wind that uses has a very simple and cheap approach with device to increase targeting the turbines by 70%, wind speeds what is said that it is triple the power generated by the turbines. Megawatts says that this could eliminate the need of towers of more than 80 meters in height for turbines in some areas, reducing both materials and facilities costs and allowing wind turbines that generate electricity in a cost-effective manner in areas where the wind speed is lower.

According to the company, the new augmentation system is nearing completion, and intends to establish a comparison with the previous and verify the data.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is the use of plastic than cotton bags more sustainable?

According to the President of the international society for Industrial Ecology, Roland Cliff, using plastic bags in daily consumption habits is more sustainable use of cotton, wherever plastic is managed properly as waste.

The expert has defended this idea during his speech on the theory of life cycle in ecological intelligence Congress held recently in Barcelona, which intends to explore the environmental costs of production in its "mere" reuse materials.

"It is better to use plastic bags if they are properly managed, there is no problem in using them," it has secured Cliff admitting that life cycle proposals cast conclusions "sometimes unpopular".
Cliff explained that a cotton bag should be 150 times to compensate for its ecological production cost, since it contains many biopolymers (polymers that are involved in the biological processes, such as proteins and nucleic acids).

He argues that this premise is maintained provided that plastic bags are used repeatedly and later managed properly through the recycling of the plastic. "Greener a bag if after a single use is pulled into the sea" is not clarified.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What is Alternative Energy?

Alternative energy is sweeping the nation, and the world, as today's biggest environmental topic. Alternative energy topics no longer revolve around nuclear energy for electricity, but also include the use of products such as Ethanol in cars. It is important to learn what alternative energy is, how it works, and the different types to stay on top of environmental legislations and presidential campaign policy, and to make the best choices for your home and family.

Basic Definition
Alternative energy is the process of energy being formed from sources that do not harm the environment or deplete the Earth's natural resources. So, polluting and wasteful forms of energy producing, such as coal and nuclear, do not fit with the definition of what an alternative energy source is.

Renewable energy is a class of alternative energy that uses natural resources such as geothermal heat, tides, sunlight, and wind, which are naturally replenished through the earth and sun and never run out. About 13 percent of the world's energy comes from renewable energy. Renewable energy is what many call not very reliable because of its dependence on nature, but if one uses a combination of renewable energy sources, it can be every bit as reliable as traditional energy sources.

Kinds Of Alternatives
When people first really started talking about alternative forms of energy, they never could have realized how many would come about. What is alternative energy, today? Here is a short list of all the latest forms:

Hydro Power - Hydro power is formed by small water generators called micro-hydro turbines that are set into flowing water's stream.

Solar Power - Solar power is made by converting sunlight into electricity using cells made from silicon, which, when exposed to sunlight, creates and electric charge.

Wind Power - Wind power is created by a turbine on a tall tower using the wind to kinetically make electricity.

Ethanol - Ethanol is an alternative fuel to replace gasoline, made from ethyl alcohol, a common alcohol made from corn or wheat.

Biodiesel - Biodiesel is an alternative fuel for petroleum diesel and is produced from vegetable oils and animal fats.

Hydrogen - What this alternative energy is is the most abundant element in the universe and can be produced from fossil fuels, biomass, or by electrolyzing water.

As you can see, there are many alternative energy sources out there. What they can be used for is just about as limitless as traditional forms of energy.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Economic and Affordable Solar Panels

Technology, increasingly take their efforts in achieving technologies less pollutants and the possibility of generating solar energy that has a price accessible to the consumer.

This has been the case of a company in United States has announced a recent product that fill the expectations of all who seek to save electricity and solar alternative energy costs.

The company is First Solar Inc, and they say that it is making a type of solar panel that will cost 1.00 dollar per watt (Watt), and in addition, is anticipated get better yields and possible improvements to what the cost is for the future.

It should be clarified that currently the approximate cost of manufacturing what 3.00 dollars per watt (Watt), comparing it with this new technology, it is much more economical and accessible to the majority of those interested in using these alternative energy sources.

According to First Solar Inc., this is just a beginning and already new technologies are emerging to achieve best ways to save environmentally.

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NASA Helps Air Pollution With a Map From Space

Air pollution has been a problem since the dawn of the industrial era, but until recently scientists did not know with certainty, how dirty was the air in most parts of the world.

The new maps paths using computer models and satellite images are giving, finally, researchers a clearer view of the overall problem of air pollution. These maps illustrate the spread of small particles throughout the world. The problem of these particles is that they are impossible to see in a simple way, but in large quantities, the dust can enter our lungs and reach the bloodstream (causing serious health problems such as asthma and cardiovascular diseases). According to the American Heart Association in the United States they produce about 60,000 deaths a year because of this microscopic dust.

These new maps are not based simply on the satellite images. It should bear in mind that when you look down in the atmosphere, from the perspective of a satellite, comes to be something as well as a look through a glass of dirty water. The only satellite take a picture of what you see at the top. Then, the researchers used computer models to calculate the amount of total matter to be asenta in the air we all breathe.

"Now, with this map and the dataset that represents, epidemiologists can begin to look more closely at how the long term exposure to these particles in little-studied parts of the world - such as the cities of rapid growth of Asia or areas in North Africa with large amounts of dust in the air - impact on human health." NASA writes on its website.

Until now, developing countries had not had the right tools to measure the levels of air pollution. New information can also be useful in some parts of the United States or Western Europe. At present, the quality of the air is measured with a small number of surface monitors. NASA hopes that the maps will be a good first step to help better understand the dynamics of particles in the air and its impact on our health.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alternative Energy is the Way of the Future

Alternative energy is derived from natural, renewable resources such as wind, sun, and water. Don't confuse this with the fact that Alternative Power is the ONLY thing that ultimately solves global warming, WILL establish global leadership, eliminates reliance on foreign energy, will create millions of jobs (yes, including in the rust belt), and keep us alive through the 21st century.

Adour Global Alternative Energy Indexes include only those companies that are principally engaged in the field of alternative energy and exclude those companies in which alternative Power is peripheral to their main business. The use of Alternative Energy is no longer an Enigma in our daily need for power. Find out what alternative energy is and how it can help save money, and the environment.

Solar and wind are well known the public, but the true potential of these mediums remains unexpressed. Solar has gone from $254 a watt in the 1950s to around $4 today. It suggests that people are going to abandon old methods of energy extraction and consumption in exchange for supposed cleaner methods like wind, water, solar, nuclear, giant batteries, methane gas, corn oil, etc. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is the national trade association of solar energy

Power generators using renewable, sustainable energy sources don't burn fuels in the production of electricity, thus reducing atmosphere-harming emissions. Some people see alternative energy as a joke and think that in particular wind power is too intermittent. Windmills are proposed to provide the power now obtained from natural gas. These types of energy derive their power from constantly flowing natural energy, and some examples include hydro power, solar power and geothermal power.

Renewable means that its use does not permanently deplete its existence. Renewable energy sources, such as biomass, small hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal energy and photovoltaic conversion systems, allow you a broader freedom of operation. The first is the massive infrastructure investment and federal law changes that are necessary to make the renewable energy smart grid possible. While we are making progress in finding new renewable energy, we should have already been more than halfway to our goal of moving away from our dependence on the oil industry.

Wind energy has long been denounced as weak and, due to it being location driven, impractical. Wind Turbines have also conquered an accepted role in the new generation of renewable providers. Now it is important to point out that tidal, wave, solar and wind power requires virtually no preliminary energy to harness, unlike coal, oil, gas, biomass, hydrogen and all the others. "Alternative" energy sources-wind, solar, water-are all good, but they don't fix our addictive nature.

Global warming is another big factor in the increase in alternative Power. Alternative energy is not just cost-effective and necessary for foreign policy, it is also required for domestic policy, to promote a sustainable environment and to prevent global warming and the worldwide catastrophe that advanced global warming could create.
Global warming or not, we still need to clean up this wreck of a planet. Read up on existing alternative energy technologies as well as what future energy sources can help you efficiently power your home or business. Living off the grid is a term used to describe people who install alternative energy sources and don't tie in to the traditional electrical power plants.

Alternative Energy is the way of the future. Alternative Power is a future idea whose time is past.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to care for the environment

As caring for the environment? Solar Panels Environment News about the care of the Middle environment Video of how to care for the average environment PDF of how to care for the environment

We are always abreast of everything that has to do with being able to collaborate in the care of the environment and allow us to keep in addition all those fundamental resources for future generations. Our colleagues from The Green Blog also echoed some simple tips to save energy and protect the environment by what they included in this compilation.

A full post to understand the solar panels, is this where them explain it all about solar energy: Solar energy.If you are thinking of panels in your home but it does not reach you budget, you can bet on other materials something cheaper.

In this item we speak of them: capture solar energy with low-cost materials.For those who wish to install solar panels and are interested in solar cookers, that you may know that we already have in Spain; all the information here: first commercial for Spain solar cookers.

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