Saturday, September 22, 2012

Winds of Carondio and Muriellos

When we knew he was going to build the "Wind Park of Carondio and Muriellos" many us come to consider how the events would be developed since they were going to perform on the same land which was the Archaeological Park.

As you can imagine some came to put the cry in the sky thinking that it could destroy something so valuable.

The result has been satisfactory, for different reasons, among them that continued to find archaeological items have been respected by what the cultural value continues to increase.

Finally archaeological items of the wind park "Sierra de Carondio and Muriellos" can keep visiting it while maximizing renewable energies in the area, a primary aspect of both the environment and the area.

The procedure that has been followed was marked each of the elements to achieve that they remained intact. In this way, you can visit areas such as BARROW, Bowl, Carreiriega de los Gallegos and Roman camp, where archaeological items.

One of the most interesting aspects of this area at historic level, is that it was occupied by communities at the time of the prehistoric times as indicated by the remains that have been found.

Instead, other types of performances such as the restoration of the forest track has been in the area and even led at the end, the Roman camp of Moyapan have today the official cataloging in Allande IAC.
This work has been directed and performed by one of the most important companies worldwide in terms of renewable energy, EDP Renewables, which performs its actions both in Europe and America.
Do you know more wind farms in these conditions? What do you think?

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