Monday, September 17, 2012

New System of Wind Energy - The Wind Speeds Increased

Mass megawatts of wind energy, of Worcester, Massachusetts, says that the combination of its multiple axes Turbo (MAT) and flat MMW system will create a technology of wind energy for electricity generation cost at locations with low wind speeds, and thus increase production.

The augmentation system of wind that uses has a very simple and cheap approach with device to increase targeting the turbines by 70%, wind speeds what is said that it is triple the power generated by the turbines. Megawatts says that this could eliminate the need of towers of more than 80 meters in height for turbines in some areas, reducing both materials and facilities costs and allowing wind turbines that generate electricity in a cost-effective manner in areas where the wind speed is lower.

According to the company, the new augmentation system is nearing completion, and intends to establish a comparison with the previous and verify the data.

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