Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is the use of plastic than cotton bags more sustainable?

According to the President of the international society for Industrial Ecology, Roland Cliff, using plastic bags in daily consumption habits is more sustainable use of cotton, wherever plastic is managed properly as waste.

The expert has defended this idea during his speech on the theory of life cycle in ecological intelligence Congress held recently in Barcelona, which intends to explore the environmental costs of production in its "mere" reuse materials.

"It is better to use plastic bags if they are properly managed, there is no problem in using them," it has secured Cliff admitting that life cycle proposals cast conclusions "sometimes unpopular".
Cliff explained that a cotton bag should be 150 times to compensate for its ecological production cost, since it contains many biopolymers (polymers that are involved in the biological processes, such as proteins and nucleic acids).

He argues that this premise is maintained provided that plastic bags are used repeatedly and later managed properly through the recycling of the plastic. "Greener a bag if after a single use is pulled into the sea" is not clarified.

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