Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ethanol Fuel: Give Ethanol Fuel a Try and Give Mother Nature a Rest

Let's look at ethanol fuel. With all of the talk about fast depleting fossil fuels and the ever climbing global temperature, it can be difficult to catch up with the various environmental issues that are coming to the forefront of things at this point in time.

Science is finding a way to make up for many of the things that are becoming issues as related to the environment, but with many of these things it is a literal race against time to find a substitute for that which we have become dependent upon. alcohol fuel serves just that purpose.

ethanol fuel

As you may know, ethanol is an alternative to traditional gasoline. Ethanol and gasoline can be mixed together in any ratio on up to complete, 100 percent ethanol.

It works just the same as gasoline does, yet it is created differently and does not depend on depleting earthly resources for existence as petroleum does.

What is needed to produce alcohol fuel? It is a complicated formula that most people wouldn't understand, but it is easily said that sunlight, farmland, and helping hands are all important in the production of ethanol as it is a substance derived from the starch in produce.

There is much debate about whether or not the United States is equipped to handle a transition to using ethanol fuel but the fact remains that after a while, there will be no choice about it and ethanol will be one of those things that are required, along with other types of alternative fuel that are up and coming. Author David Blume - Alcohol Can Be a Gas - Part 1Part 2
International Ethanol Use

Contrary to what you may have heard, the United States is not the only country out there exploring the use of ethanol as an alternative fuel for vehicles.

The United Kingdom is also exploring this issue, as are countries in South America and even some Asian countries. In 2004 there were more than 40 billion liters of alcohol fuel produced, and Brazil produced about 16 billion of those liters alone. The main use for this ethanol? Powering domestic vehicles.

As technology advances and the issue become more and more urgent, the issue of ethanol will be pushed even further; the same goes with other alternative fuels.

In the mean time there is much to be debated and figured, such as the amount of land and manpower needed to create the crops that are necessary for this fuel, not to mention the funding to start up such an endeavor. The future of ethanol fuel is not a bleak one at all, and as time progresses you will hear more about and see more of ethanol. Stay tuned!

For more information on ethanol as a fuel, please visit the following link for the book on ethanol fuel, "Alcohol Can Be a Gas"


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Law of plastic Spain bags

Since this blog have been following some of the news more relevant and statistics relating to the use of man invented and called plastic bag .Ley de bolsas de plástico España The plastic bag is part of our culture, the culture of "developed" countries, culture focused on the rapid and destructive, cradle of antagonistic culture of environmentalism.The Government begin to act, and Spain has imposed to eliminate plastic bags to the year 2018. Or better said, we already know that they shall prohibit directly. All of the law of Spain plastic bags.In Spain we have some data that can help us to understand the seriousness of the issue of plastic bags : Consumimos 250 per inhabitant and year plastic bags.A plastic bag has a useful half-life of 12 minutes, its production and distribution consumes oil, water and energy and emits four grams of CO2. In total they generate 0.1% of the national emission of CO2 .. It takes centuries to decompose and most ends up in landfills. And on the shores of the world. 20% Of the garbage collection of the beaches are packed.080909x2 You can say events like this in the absence of common sense often make use of the law. States in this regard Act that respects the environment. And although I have my doubts about this matter, I believe acting more oil depletion and the economic salvage mammals which they drowning due to plastic bags, always relieved knowing that something is done.In this way, we know that Spain has released a schedule of work and has been the table in order to fulfil the dream of many environmentalists eliminate total consumption of plastic bags .. To do this: from the first January 2015, supermarkets and other businesses that use should give you a message about the damage caused environmental message that will be determined by the Ministry. In packets of tobacco, pictures of cancerous lungs may be replaced by islands of plastic bags in sea or forceful slogans as "the bags kill marine mammals".For 2013, 60% of plastic bags should be biodegradable.By 2016, 80% of plastic bags must be biodegradable.2018 Completely prohibit the use of single-use plastic bags. Except for those used to save fish (that struck me deeply)2177.pic

But on the other hand, and as always, we have to think about the thousands of people who work in factories they engaged in the manufacture of the number of bags you wish to remove from the market. The consequence of all these micro-economies composed of small business and many employees will be somewhat disastrous. Only you get used to the new materials for the construction of bags biodegradable or engage in otherwise.

Now we can see the impact on communities as the Andalusia, where this sector has called for the withdrawal of the tax plastic bag, made to reduce this consumption.



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Alternative Energy Resources
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Nov 18, Fuel Additive - P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive

P.i. Performance Improver Fuel Additive improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3% and up to 5.7%. Reduces emissions such as hydrocarbons (HC) up to 15%, carbon monoxide (CO) up to 26% and nitrous oxides (NOx) up to 17%.

Restores power and performance. Reduces the need for costly higher octane fuel. Reduces noise from carbon rap and pre-ignition.

Untreated Fuel Leads to Poor Engine PerformanceA vehicle demonstrates its best efficiency and engine performance when it is new.

As the engine ages, its performance suffers from gasoline fuel-generated deposits that form on the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber. Additives are required to control deposit formation.

Today?s fuels, however, lack sufficient treatments of either enough additives or high quality additives. Fuel system deposits result in the following:

? Lost fuel economy

? Lost power and poor throttle response

? Failed emission tests

? Poor drivability - surging, hesitation, stalling, rough idle

? Engine knocking (pinging) and rap

? Difficult starts

Treated Fuel Delivers Maximum Performance

AMSOIL P.i. Fuel Additive is the most potent gasoline additive available today. As a concentrated detergent, it is unsurpassed in cleaning combustion chamber deposits, intake valve deposits and port fuel injector deposits.

AMSOIL P.i. helps maintain peak engine efficiency, fuel economy, power and drivability in newer low mileage engines. In engines with accumulated deposits, testing showed AMSOIL P.i. provided the following clean-up benefits after only one tank of gasoline:

? Improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3% and up to 5.7%

? Reduced emissions

? hydrocarbons (HC) up to 15%

? carbon monoxide (CO) up to 26%

? nitrous oxides (NOx) up to 17%

? Restored power and performance

? Reduced need for costly higher octane fuel

? Reduced noise from carbon rap and pre-ignition

? Better drivability

? Smoother operation

AMSOIL P.i. works as an ?emissions passer.? It is ideal for use prior to emissions inspections.

To see more energy saving products along with Amsoil P.i. Fuel additive, click here.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

South Korea Planning Massive Off Shore Wind Farm

South Korea Wind Farm Wind energy currently meets a mere 1.5% of global electricity generation. But scientists foresee a lot of potential in this alternative energy source. Asian countries are also trying to embrace clean and green energy. South Korea is going for an ambitious off-shore wind farm amounting to $8.3 billion. This project will be executed at the western coast of the Korean peninsula taking a time period of ten years.

Currently South Korean companies such as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, and Hyosung Corp. are taking keen interest in the production of wind turbines.

According to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) this project will erect 500 wind turbines in the West Sea off the Jeolla province. All these turbines are supposed to produce 2,500 megawatts of energy a year. This amount of electricity will be sufficient for 3.5 million Busan residents for a full month. MKE director general Kang Nam-hoon says, “Basically, the scheme is composed of three phases. By 2013, we will have raised 20 5-megawatt turbines and add 180 by 2016 and 300 more by 2019.”

Kang Nam-hoon is quite hopeful that South Korea will register its entry into clean and green fuel with the completion of this project. He states, “On the back of the mega-sized project, we strive to preempt the ever-growing global green market and become one of the three powerhouses in the offshore wind power generation.”

Kang also thinks that this massive wind farm will force the world to sit up and take notice of the Korean technology and other countries will be glad to apply the advanced technology exhibited by this country. Kang also feels that South Korea will be able to fulfill the ever growing demands of alternative energy market. He expresses his views, “Many domestic companies are working on large-sized wind turbines. Offshore wind power generation has a shot at becoming the country’s future cash cow when it becomes mainstream technology.”

But MKE is not providing all the funds. They are hoping for the private companies to pool in their own money to complete the requirement of the $ 8.3 billion. The MKE will fund just the 0.3% of the overall cost of the project. In fact they are financing the research and development of specific technologies. This can cast a shadow on the execution of the project.

But the ministry is hopeful that major Korean shipbuilders and heavy machinery makers will be interested in trapping the profitable global alternative energy market. So those manufacturers will need to build their reputation on something massive and awe-inspiring and this project is supposed to yield 153.9 gigawatts of electricity. Kang confirms, “Many domestic companies are working on large-sized wind turbines. Offshore wind power generation has a shot at becoming the country’s future cash cow when it becomes mainstream technology.”

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Silver State Dishing Out Golden Geothermal Power

Nevada Nevada is poised to lead in producing energy from geothermal heat sources in the entire US. Presently playing second fiddle to California, the day is not far off when it will overtake California in converting geothermal heat into electricity. Nevada is experiencing a rush of developers who have already companies producing power or with projects under development. Projects by people like Enel Green Power and Nevada Geothermal Power are fast putting the state on the road. Veterans and newbie’s vie with each other to start production.

Happening state:
Nevada has become a place where exciting things are happening. Mr. Karl Gawell, Executive Director, Geothermal Energy Association says, “Not only is the state doing well in terms of new projects under development, but utilities in Nevada have also learned to work with geothermal.”

Taking baby steps
Nevada is taking baby steps today to utilize the bounty of nature to the maximum. No doubt California still remains the top producer of power from geothermal heat with producing 2,500 megawatts. But Nevada is still only in the developing stage but the target is to surpass the golden state!

Projects on the anvil:
Considering the number of projects that are busy converting the geothermal heat to power, Nevada has been rightly acclaimed as the state with maximum number of geothermal plants under development. The 86 odd projects are gearing up to boost the capacity hypothetically by about 3686 megawatts maximum even exceeding the total need of US.

Better infrastructure – Nevada’s advantage:
Along with Mother Nature’s bounty with geothermal resources, the silver state has other advantages like well-informed and well-trained work force. The other attraction is the state’s decision to propose leasing the land through Bureau of Land Management. This has encouraged many to stake a claim.

California’s challenges – Nevada’s gain:
Some challenges like difficulty in power transmission, and stricter regulations that are present in California have made investment in Nevada look very advantageous. As Mr. Gawell said, “California has a lot of untapped resources, but it’s very difficult to develop anything there.”

A long way to go:
But there are enough challenges at hand for the pioneers who are trying to reap the geothermal boom. Geothermal energy conversion is a relatively new and still to be perfected science. Technology is yet to be mastered. Finding the exact site is more a wild guess rather than estimated and calculated certainty.

Future prospects:
Independently as per Geothermal Energy Association, Nevada has the potential to produce geothermal energy next only to Japan which is the eighth largest producer. Nevada alone is capable of producing 13% energy needs of the US. In future, it will certainly take up the position as US’ top producer of geothermal energy.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Solar Power Towers coming to California

Solar Power Towers California The United States of America will now produce clear power that can light up as many as 11000 to 277500 homes in the country. The Sectary of Interior Ken Salazar has given a go ahead to the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating system, a project proposed by BrightSource of Oakland that can produce up to 370 megawatt of clear energy and generate nearly 1100 opportunities for employment. The project, located in San Bernardino Country, California, is the inaugural large-scale solar energy project on US public soil to use the power tower.

Key features of the project.

The project, which will be in three phases, will finish by the year 2013.This know-how takes the help of mirror fields so that solar energy is pointed on the power tower receivers closer to every array. To generate electricity, Steam from the solar boilers in the towers is used to drive a turbine and electricity is produced.

How will it help the Administration.
The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating system will be one project that will be a win-win situation for both the administration and BrightSource.

This will give a boost to administration’s efforts for quick growth of production of renewable energy on public property on a large scale. Whereas the Sectary of Interior had given a green signal to first of such projects on October 5, with Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating system, this figure has reached to 3.A day later, Salzar also signed a lease deal with Cape Wind to generate 468 megawatts of clean renewable electricity for Nantucket Sound Communities by purchasing a 130 turbine offshore wind farm.This would be the first lease on the Outer Continental Shelf to develop commercial wind energy.All these efforts will help USA to build a clean energy economy that could generate 1124 megawatts of clean energy to lit-up between 337000 and 843000 homes.It will reduce carbon emission and help the nation as a whole by making USA independent in its energy needs and strengthen its national security.

How will it help BrightSource Energy.

The decision gives the power to Interior’s Bureau of Land management to give a site in the Southern California’s Mojave Desert, close to the Primm, Nevada border, to BrightSource so that they can use it for 30 years, provided they comply with all conditions including rent.BrightSource will be eligible to recover 30 percent of their cost, which the energy developers can recover under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, provided they have started the construction work before or in 2010. The U.S. department of Energy has also awarded them $ 1.37 billion in conditional loan guarantees as per the provisions of Recovery act.The project Ivanpah is processed by Bureau of Land Management and the California Energy Commission (CEC) cooperative model established by an October 12, 2009 agreement. It is based on an agreement between Secretary Salazar and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, which tells the Interior and state agencies to take initiative to develop renewable energy in the land of California, which is best suited to the environment.

Environmental hazards And public accountability.
Keeping with the norms of the state- private partnership and the fact that it is working on harnessing alternative means of energy, BrightSource is required to make its share of contribution to protect the environment. BrightSource will be needed to acquire around 7300 mitigation acres. According to a plan of the US Fish and Wildlife services, which BrightSource has to follow, it has to test 3 million Desert Tortoise selected by Bureau of Land Management in California for diseases and then monitor them by locating them to a more suitable place. The company will also have to contribute to the joint compensation fund created by Federal and State agencies and operated by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for the negative effect it causes to various resources including water and wildlife.

As a part of its social duty, BrightSource has allowed its solar energy enhancing projects to go through various public scrutinies for environment hazards. These include:

Public scoping in 2007Draft environment Impact Statement in 2009Full public involvement in 2009A supplement draft in 2010 before a final environment Impact Statement was prepared.

As noted by Salazar, important changes were made in the project. The size of BrightSource’s project was cut by 15%, from 4,073 acres down to 3,471 acres and the number of heliostats (solar mirrors) from 214,000 to 173,500 by the Bureau of Land Management after this scrutiny.

Reacting to these changes made in the project after public scrutiny, Salazar said, “Since it is essential that we learn from our past experiences to make certain that we wisely develop clean energy at the appropriate places, I am happy that changes have been made to improve the project.”

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alternative Energy Resources

Welcome to my site on Alternative Energy Resources.Display Pagerank

On this website you will discover practical ways to tap into these alternative energy resources:

Solar Energy for heating water, generating electricity and concentrating solar energy to create fuel for your vehicles. And you will learn how to tap into rebates and tax credits offered through the government to offset the cost of the installation. In Florida, I could receive a 50% rebate in solar panels while increasing my property value.

Biomass Energy Discover ways to use corn, corn stalks, wheat, pine cones, twigs, generate fuel to heat your home or drive your vehicle. the technology has been around for over 100 years.Basically, anything that decomposes or burns can be used to generate energy for your home or car. learn how to become your own bootleggger and drive on Ethanol or produce your own biodiesel fuel or methane. Or run a vehicle on all three.

Wind Energy Another of the more popular alternative energy resources. Though not a reliable resource for every household, it is a viable option for may depending on your location. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy and see if it will be an asset for your energy needs.

Hydrogen You will see that this is my favorite. The must abundant element in the universe is Hydrogen. H2O. Ever think about driving your car on pure water? Apparently, it has been done. How about generating HHO in your own electrolysis unit in your vehicle and increase your gas mileage 20 - 50% or maybe more with a cost of less than $100? In this site you will learn about the controversy regarding this technology, its history, and its science.

Other Resources I will be discussing are, of course, hydropower energy. Not everyone can have a Hoover Dam, but some homes can utilize microhydro generators. Geothermal Energy, tapping into the heat generated from our earth's core, andControversial Topics I would be remiss if I did not include discussions on Global Warming, Peak Oil and all kinds of conspiracy theories related to the oil companies and our government as well as alternative products that affect our health.

I trust you will find this site useful and informative. For the benefit of all, I would appreciate any feedback you might have that would benefit us all in helping to protect the environment, reduce the cost of rising fuel costs and help us become independent of foreign oil.

Links to some of my favorite Alternative Energy Resource Sites. Nutritional Health Sciences is an online resource that shares information on health related topics such as diet, nutrition, nutritional supplements and chronic disease.

Increase link popularity with one way links.

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Alternative Energy Articles

We would like for our readers to share their personal experience or stories as alternative energy articles below. We could all use the help of each other as we strive to utilize the alternative energy resources that abound. I heard yesterday that the cost of gasoline will be reaching almost $4.00 per gallon by the Summer of 2008. Add that to the increased cost of heating oil and electricity. We all could use some help in reducing these costs while reducing harmful pollutants.

Do have personal knowledge of solar panels or solar hot water heaters? How about using wind turbines at your home? Can you make recommendations about what fuel additive works or not? Driving your vehicles on methane or ethanol? Better yet, are you making your own fuels? How are you doing it?

Maybe you have a question on a certain topic related to renewable energy. Ask it here, I will post it and an expert in that area will submit a response. Look at it as our "online forum" with me as the moserator.

Once approved, your experiences, stories and/or questions will be posted as an informative blog or article on renewable energy here and throughout the site to help us all in gaining a knowledge base of what to use and how to use it.

Do you have any personal experience working with alternative or renewable energy? Please share it!

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For another good source of articles on alternative energy as well as ebooks on the subject, visit

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Audi Testing Water in Electric Car Production

Audi Electric Car The entrepreneurial Audi is planning to take advantage of changes portended in the automobile market with an eye towards emission-free vehicles. Until now Audi has not shown any interest in electric car production but now that there is a growing demand for small and electronically-driven cars, Audi is keen to join the race.

YouTube: Audi Zero | More Videos

Others in the foray:
Rival manufactures like BMW with Megacity electric vehicle and Daimler with Smart ED have already taken the leap with cute little electric cars on their way to produce vehicles with zero carbon emission. Now Audi is joining the arena and the world is keenly interested to see what kind of a car will be Audi’s gift to the automobile world.

A supermini is reportedly the car on the anvil as per a report by What Car? Audi CEO, Rupert Stadler says,”…so we are planning for a changing market when customers will be ready.” Audi is already busy on the electric sports car planned with a limited number release by 2012, to be marketed under the E-tron name.

Audi Zero?
The plan is on for a mass-market electric car – supermini – is very much ongoing as confirmed by CEO Stadler in Munich at the launch of Audi 7 Sportback. Audi’s electric car can either be something similar to A1 e-tron Concept or a smaller platform named ‘Audi Zero’. Audi will not do any spin-off versions like Skoda or Seat had done.

Future plans:
Audi is working on the basis that in about 3-5 years time, market will be ready for such electric cars and that will be the time when these cars will also be viable. In Stadler’s words, “What we then need are customers willing to pay a premium these vehicles demand… We are a technical company planning technical solutions, but we are also entrepreneurial, so we are planning for a changing market… in 10 years time I see a point where we have clean energy too. Then the situation will be perfect.”

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