Friday, March 18, 2011

Buildings energy efficiency | SPORTE2 system for stadia

Currently ongoing project at European level to improve energy efficiency in buildings with large amount of influx of persona:SPORTE2. This project is part of the European Union 7th framework programme for r + d and is by entering the testing phase in the tecnalia kubik building and a sports centre in Etxebarri, Bizkaia.


SPORTE2 is defined by its members as an intelligent management system to integrate and control the generation, consumption and the energy Exchange for buildings of sports and recreation in Europe ("Intelligent Management System to integrate and control energy generation, consumption and exchange for European Sport and Recreation Buildings"). The project is in charge of Tecnalia Research & Innovation and Emtesport (management of sports facilities). They joined technology centres, universities and specialized enterprises of Italy, Greece and Portugal.

This project's budget is 4,71 EUR million and will have a Community funding of 2.97 million. SPORTE2 development plan has a duration of 36 months, with an estimated date of completion in September 2013.


East intelligent system of management of buildings (BMS) will be modular and scalable. The functions carried out by SPORTE2 include monitoring, integrated control and optimization of energy in sports stadiums management and leisure centres. Throughout the European continent, estimated to be 1.5 million buildings, approximately 8% of the total number of buildings.

The system will develop SPORTE2, will be suitable to install both in equipment in operation, as in new construction. Via is expected to achieve an energy saving up to 30%, and consequently also a significant reduction of the emissions of CO2 and a significant economic benefit.


Much of the research and testing of this system will be carried out in Vizcaya. On the one hand used the experimental building "KUBIK by Tecnalia", located in the Technological park of Bizkaia. On the other hand, it will implement in the Polideportivo Municipal de etxebarri (bizkaia), managed by Emtesport. There will be a key instance of the project: the test in a public space where made in game functions include: regulation of heating, ventilation, hot water, air conditioning, management, monitoring and storage of energy, etc.

This energy management developed by SPORTE2 in Bizkaia model is a pioneer in Europe, and will be tested also in edificios-piloto of other European cities.

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