Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alternative Energy Resources

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On this website you will discover practical ways to tap into these alternative energy resources:

Solar Energy for heating water, generating electricity and concentrating solar energy to create fuel for your vehicles. And you will learn how to tap into rebates and tax credits offered through the government to offset the cost of the installation. In Florida, I could receive a 50% rebate in solar panels while increasing my property value.

Biomass Energy Discover ways to use corn, corn stalks, wheat, pine cones, twigs, generate fuel to heat your home or drive your vehicle. the technology has been around for over 100 years.Basically, anything that decomposes or burns can be used to generate energy for your home or car. learn how to become your own bootleggger and drive on Ethanol or produce your own biodiesel fuel or methane. Or run a vehicle on all three.

Wind Energy Another of the more popular alternative energy resources. Though not a reliable resource for every household, it is a viable option for may depending on your location. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy and see if it will be an asset for your energy needs.

Hydrogen You will see that this is my favorite. The must abundant element in the universe is Hydrogen. H2O. Ever think about driving your car on pure water? Apparently, it has been done. How about generating HHO in your own electrolysis unit in your vehicle and increase your gas mileage 20 - 50% or maybe more with a cost of less than $100? In this site you will learn about the controversy regarding this technology, its history, and its science.

Other Resources I will be discussing are, of course, hydropower energy. Not everyone can have a Hoover Dam, but some homes can utilize microhydro generators. Geothermal Energy, tapping into the heat generated from our earth's core, andControversial Topics I would be remiss if I did not include discussions on Global Warming, Peak Oil and all kinds of conspiracy theories related to the oil companies and our government as well as alternative products that affect our health.

I trust you will find this site useful and informative. For the benefit of all, I would appreciate any feedback you might have that would benefit us all in helping to protect the environment, reduce the cost of rising fuel costs and help us become independent of foreign oil.

Links to some of my favorite Alternative Energy Resource Sites. Nutritional Health Sciences is an online resource that shares information on health related topics such as diet, nutrition, nutritional supplements and chronic disease.

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