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Punch Hydroxy Fuel Cell

The Hydroxy Fuel Cell works by using electrolysis to split it's electrolyte, mainly water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The complete process is represented as follows:-

H2O + POWER = H+ + H+ + O--

With KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) added the formula changes:-

KOH + H2O + POWER = H+ + H+ + H+ + K+ + O-- + O--

While Hydrogen and Oxygen are generated (and used) the Potassium (K+) remains in the Fuel Cell and ready to re-combine with subsequent refills.

hydroxy fuel cell

The Hydroxy fuel Cell (AHFC) design was chosen by Alternative Energy Resources after evaluating numerous technology variations from around the world as well as constraints faced by the average motorist.

The cell had to be small enough to fit in most modern cars, yet, produce enough HHO to satisfy most family cars.

According to Tom Punch, a designer of hydrogen fuel cells:

"Here at Punch HHO we pride ourselves in delivering the most efficient HHO cells available today. Every day we work on innovative ideas to assure that our products are only of the highest quality and durability.

With our Punch HHO cells you will have a cleaner running engine without giving up your horsepower! Actually, with our HHO cells you will slightly increase your horsepower! Don't want to purchase a hybrid or trade in the vehicle you love but you want to save on gas? Then this is the product for you!

This is a prototype cell that we have been developing over the past year. Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient electrolyzers available! We feel that we have accomplished this goal with our Punch 1.0 cell and now added to our family is the new and innovative Punch 2.0, producing a constant output of 2.5 liters per minute of HHO.

Where wire is nice and will work, it's thin. If you know anything about electronics you know that thin conductors at any length become very resistant and act like long thin resistors making extreme amounts of heat, even in low current applications. But, with the PUNCH cell we use large flat stainless steel plates. These plates are highly conductive and do not get hot like wire. They also provide 1,000 times more surface area than even the largest amount of wire you could stuff into a cell this size."

Our plates are specially designed 316 stainless steel. We have not had a lifetime to test them, so we can not say they will last a lifetime; but, according to all the research we have done they are supposed to last a lifetime! Each plate for the HHO Dry Cell measures 6 inches long and 4 inches wide, giving an amazing amount of surface area for unbelievable production! The HHO Dry Cell consists of plates measuring 4 inches long by 4 inches wide. HHO Dry Cell 11 plate

This is our base configuration of 11 plates. This feature is included in the HHO Dry Cell. We find this amount of plates to be the most efficient yet!

The Alternative Energy Hydroxy Fuel Cell plates are custom designed 18 gauge 316 stainless steel.

The Electrolysis process actually begins at 1.24 volts. Anything above and beyond 1.24 volts becomes heat and wasted energy. This heat also produces steam, in some cases boiling the water and electrolyte, making a lot of steam. That amount of steam running through your engine is not good to say the least!

The Hydroxy fuel cell uses an 11 plate series design so we can drop the voltage to a cool 1.38 volts per plate rather than the raw 13.8 volts that most all cell designs use. This keeps the water from heating up to boiling temperatures and creating excess steam.

To learn more of the Alternative Energy Hydroxy Fuel Cell click on the link below.

Hydroxy Fuel Cell

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