Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Law of plastic Spain bags

Since this blog have been following some of the news more relevant and statistics relating to the use of man invented and called plastic bag .Ley de bolsas de plástico España The plastic bag is part of our culture, the culture of "developed" countries, culture focused on the rapid and destructive, cradle of antagonistic culture of environmentalism.The Government begin to act, and Spain has imposed to eliminate plastic bags to the year 2018. Or better said, we already know that they shall prohibit directly. All of the law of Spain plastic bags.In Spain we have some data that can help us to understand the seriousness of the issue of plastic bags : Consumimos 250 per inhabitant and year plastic bags.A plastic bag has a useful half-life of 12 minutes, its production and distribution consumes oil, water and energy and emits four grams of CO2. In total they generate 0.1% of the national emission of CO2 .. It takes centuries to decompose and most ends up in landfills. And on the shores of the world. 20% Of the garbage collection of the beaches are packed.080909x2 You can say events like this in the absence of common sense often make use of the law. States in this regard Act that respects the environment. And although I have my doubts about this matter, I believe acting more oil depletion and the economic salvage mammals which they drowning due to plastic bags, always relieved knowing that something is done.In this way, we know that Spain has released a schedule of work and has been the table in order to fulfil the dream of many environmentalists eliminate total consumption of plastic bags .. To do this: from the first January 2015, supermarkets and other businesses that use should give you a message about the damage caused environmental message that will be determined by the Ministry. In packets of tobacco, pictures of cancerous lungs may be replaced by islands of plastic bags in sea or forceful slogans as "the bags kill marine mammals".For 2013, 60% of plastic bags should be biodegradable.By 2016, 80% of plastic bags must be biodegradable.2018 Completely prohibit the use of single-use plastic bags. Except for those used to save fish (that struck me deeply)2177.pic

But on the other hand, and as always, we have to think about the thousands of people who work in factories they engaged in the manufacture of the number of bags you wish to remove from the market. The consequence of all these micro-economies composed of small business and many employees will be somewhat disastrous. Only you get used to the new materials for the construction of bags biodegradable or engage in otherwise.

Now we can see the impact on communities as the Andalusia, where this sector has called for the withdrawal of the tax plastic bag, made to reduce this consumption.



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