Friday, June 22, 2012

Awake Generation

What we propose this so catchy song with this new announcement is that we begin to take conscience that each of the decisions we make are important and relevant to the environment. Why is the moment that we begin to think and reflect on purchases we perform because the future depends on it.

It is the time to think about the positive and negative consequences of each of our choices because it is what we do which affects both our present and future generations.

Increasingly more people that take into account every day the use of natural resources at the time, for example water.

But we must also start thinking about the fertile soil, clean air which now only you can breathe in certain areas, the biodiversity.

We believe that we improve our standard of living to consume certain products when the only thing we do is that they begin to scarce resources and threaten our well-being and also that of future generations.

The Generation Awake does not propose to reduce consumption, if we learn to eat in a different way while respecting the resources we have, with respect for the environment not environment and what gives us the Earth. Of course, this will bring benefits of all types, we only need to make a small investment of effort and attention.

Today we bring you the video of the Generation Awake of the European Union in which you can see some unforgettable paper bags to sing a song catchy and sensitive to the environment.
You join the Awake generation?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Discover the South Pole

Acciona is the company that has promoted this action, a global leader in renewable energy water and sustainable infrastructure.
 The reason for this expedition is based on a tribute to Roald Amudnsen and Scott, which 100 years ago first came to the South Pole with all that entails for so many years.

In addition to this tribute, the end of this expedition is to carry out different scientific projects in the South Pole. The protagonists of the current expedition are Ramón Larramendi, Javier Selva, Juan Pablo Albar and Ignacio Oficialdegui, that despite the new technologies that are available, carried out a 3500 km only with the help of the wind and a sledge route.
So you can imagine how this trip being carried out, the sled consists of some comets that are located in the front of the sled, and it is with the strength of the wind that displacement is achieved.

Only renewable energy sources will be those that are present in this new venture of Acciona, are a vision of a future that aspires to be better scientific projects that attempt to understand the functioning of the planet based on respect and the environment.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Elephants in danger: increases the traffic of ivory

The illegal trade in elephant ivory is flourishing in Egypt due to lack of law enforcement, together with the entry into a new important buyer market: China.

The new report the sale of illegal ivory in Egypt establishes that Egypt continues to be one of the largest markets in Africa for illegal ivoryitems. He explains also that no article ivory - old or new - it can be sold legally in the country without a special permit, and has never ever been issued one!.

According to senior government officials interviewed by the authors of the report, Esmond Martin and Vigne Lucy, from the year 2009 only two seizures of ivory have taken place in Egypt at the airport of the Cairo. While there have been no seizures of articles of ivory in points of sale since 2003.

On the other hand, during the last survey conducted in March and April 2011, authors told 8343 articles of ivory openly on sale in The Cairo, a city described as the "Center of carving of the country". Almost all points of sale and workshops were open in the old market, Khan al-Khalili, main centre in Cairo to manufacture and sale to the retail product of ivory.

Other 918 articles of ivory were seen in Luxor. 3,000 were found pieces of ivory is estimated to have occurred in the past five years, the rest have mainly been carved in Egypt in the 1990s and early 2000.

Previous surveys of traffic in Cairo and Luxor, the two main markets of ivory from Egypt, carried out in 1998 and 2005 had found an overall reduction of 43 per cent in the total number of objects of ivory for sale. But this figure had only dropped by 10% in 2011 survey.

The disappearance of the encouraging the illegal ivory markets of Egypt among which are seen between 1998 and 2005 has regressed. Government regulators have failed and Egypt maintains its unenviable position of leadership as offenders in the sale to the retail of ivory.

Tourists who buy ivory enhance this illegal trade, making a mockery of the CITES and feeding the poaching of elephants in Africa. The report also mentions the Spaniards, Italians and Americans were the main buyers in 2005, was now increased the number of Egyptians and Arabs buying ivory rosary and sticks.
However, they have been overtaken by the Chinese who have become the main buyers. Reportedly they are responsible for buying more than half of all ivory carved sold.

A seller of ivory told investigators that Chinese buyers sometimes spend up to $50,000 in articles of ivory. Others said even that also provide receipts - obviously false to the truth - that indicate that a piece was old or is made of camel bone.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alternative Energy Through Hybrid Generators

Alternative Energy through hybrid generators, how to get power when the wind does not blow, water does not flow, or the sun does not shine? Solar power is the most abundant alternative energy source available.

 Wind power and hydro power are the next most abundant alternative energy sources. One disadvantage of solar power systems is they require the sun to generate alternative energy. No sun means no energy. Solar power systems are most efficient when sunlight is focused for maximum exposure. Efficiency also increases in regions where sunlight is readily available. The second most readily available source of alternative energy, wind power, suffers similar disadvantages. No wind means now energy. Wind power generators require wind speeds as low as 3 miles per hour to operate. Wind power efficiency increases with the speed and duration of the wind.

Hydro power is equally limited to available resources. Hydro power requires abundant water sources to operate all year long. During drought or through dry seasons water sources may dry up. Hydro power efficiency is determined by the speed and the force of the current passing over the blades of the generator. Alternative energy limitations can easily be overcome through hybrid generator systems. A hybrid generator system uses two or more sources to provide a near constant supply of power. Typical hybrid generator system is designed to maximize power output through a variety of weather conditions. Alternative energy can be provided through the use of solar power and wind power. Systems built for personal, or small commercial use can often generate electrical outputs of 200 watts to 30 kilowatts.

Hybrid generator systems can be constructed either as grid-assisted or grid-inter-tied and off-grid. Grid assisted systems will use both electrical grid and alternative energy sources. The electrical energy provided from these multiple sources will then be stored in battery systems. There is an advantage to grid-assisted alternative energy sources. When the wind does not blow, or the sun does not shine, the electrical system will still be storing power in the battery system. In these systems, hybrid generators operate as a method to reduce utility costs. Off-grid systems on the other hand are designed to provide alternative energy sources that are completely separate from grid power. Hybrid generators in this case are the sole method of electrical input to the battery storage system. Off-grid hybrid generator systems have three advantages over grid assisted systems.

First, they minimize the environmental footprint of a person's electrical consumption. Second, they eliminate a person's reliance upon utility companies and utility costs. Lastly, hybrid generator systems can be constructed nearly anywhere replacing the need for expensive utility connections to remote areas. Off-grid hybrid generator systems have minimal disadvantages over grid-assisted systems that proper planning and design can easily overcome. The only significant disadvantage of a hybrid generator is the lack of available sources. Careful review of available alternative energy sources at the US DOE Energy Information Administration's website will help to decide the availability of alternative energy resources. Alternative energy sources are abundant and readily available.

Through proper planning and design the advantages of alternative energy can be utilized while the disadvantages can easily be overcome with hybrid generator systems.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hobbled U.S. Solar Sector Puts China in Dominant Global Position

The bankruptcies of three major U.S. solar companies in recent weeks have propelled China into a dominant position in the global market for solar panel production, with the Chinese now commanding nearly three-fifths of the world’s production capacity.

While many U.S., Japanese, and European solar companies maintain technological advantages in the increasingly important renewable energy sector, analysts say a combination of low-interest loans, inexpensive land, and massive economies of scale has given China a huge cost advantage.

Earlier this week, California-based Solyndra Inc. announced that it was suspending operations and filing for bankruptcy protection because it was unable to compete with larger competitors.
Two other U.S. companies, Evergreen Solar and SpectraWatt, also filed for bankruptcy protection in August. The three companies represented about one-fifth of the U.S.’s solar panel manufacturing capacity.

Meanwhile, China’s three biggest solar power companies recently announced sales increases of 33 to 63 percent from a year ago. With increased manufacturing capacity worldwide and disappointing demand, prices of solar panels have dropped more than 40 percent in the last year.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Energy alternatives is the way of the future

Energy alternatives are derived from natural, renewable resources such as wind, Sun and water. Do not confuse this with the fact that alternative energy is the only thing that ultimately solve global warming, will establish world leadership, eliminates the dependence on foreign energy, will create millions of jobs (Yes, even in the rust belt) and keep us alive through the 21st century.
Global indexes Adour of alternative energy include only those companies that are primarily engaged in the field of alternative energy and exclude those companies in which power alternative is peripheral to its core business. The use of alternative energy sources is no longer an Enigma in our daily need of energy. Find out what alternative energy is and how you can help save money and the environment.
Solar and wind power are well known publicly, but the true potential of these media remains underground. Solar has grown from $254 to watt in the 1950s to around $4 today. He suggests that people are going to abandon the old methods of extraction of energy and consumption in exchange for alleged less polluting methods such as wind, water, batteries, solar, nuclear, giant, methane gas, oil corn, etc.. The Association of industries of Solar energy (SEIA) is the national trade association of solar energy
Generators of renewable energy, sustainable energy sources not burning fuel in the production of electricity, reducing emissions damaging to the atmosphere. Some people see alternative energy as a joke and I think that in particular wind energy is too intermittent. Windmills are proposed to provide the obtained power now natural gas. These types of energy derive their power constantly flowing natural energy and some examples include hydro power, solar energy and geothermal energy.
Renewable means that its use does not permanently exhausted its existence. Renewable energy sources, such as small hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, biomass and photovoltaic conversion systems, allow for extensive freedom of operation. The first is investment in massive infrastructure and changes in federal law that are necessary to enable the smart grid from renewable energy sources. As we move forward in the search for new renewables, we should already they have been more than half to our goal of moving away from our dependence on the oil industry.
Wind energy for a long time has been denounced as weak and because that was the location driven, impractical. Wind turbines have also won a paper accepted in the new generation of renewable providers. Now it is important to note that the tides, waves, solar and wind power does not require virtually no energy preliminary to take advantage, as opposed to coal, oil, gas, biomass, hydrogen, and all the others. "Alternative" fuentes-eólica energy, solar, agua-son all good, but not fix our addictive nature.
Global warming is another big factor in the increase in alternative power. Alternative energy is not only necessary for cost-effective foreign policy also need for national policy, to promote a sustainable environment and to prevent global warming and the catastrophe in the world that global warming could create.
Global warming or not, we still have to clean this wreck of a planet. Read about alternative energy technologies existing, as well as future energy sources can help you efficiently to your home or business. Living off the grid is a term used to describe people that installation of alternative energy sources and they do not tie to traditional electrical power plants.
Energy alternatives is the way of the future. Alternative power is an idea future whose time is past.