Friday, June 22, 2012

Awake Generation

What we propose this so catchy song with this new announcement is that we begin to take conscience that each of the decisions we make are important and relevant to the environment. Why is the moment that we begin to think and reflect on purchases we perform because the future depends on it.

It is the time to think about the positive and negative consequences of each of our choices because it is what we do which affects both our present and future generations.

Increasingly more people that take into account every day the use of natural resources at the time, for example water.

But we must also start thinking about the fertile soil, clean air which now only you can breathe in certain areas, the biodiversity.

We believe that we improve our standard of living to consume certain products when the only thing we do is that they begin to scarce resources and threaten our well-being and also that of future generations.

The Generation Awake does not propose to reduce consumption, if we learn to eat in a different way while respecting the resources we have, with respect for the environment not environment and what gives us the Earth. Of course, this will bring benefits of all types, we only need to make a small investment of effort and attention.

Today we bring you the video of the Generation Awake of the European Union in which you can see some unforgettable paper bags to sing a song catchy and sensitive to the environment.
You join the Awake generation?

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