Friday, July 6, 2012

Factories and buildings with greenhouse gas emissions

EPA, the U.S. environmental protection agency has a website which has an interactive map where simply by entering the website can visualize where there are toxic dumping, radiation or garbage dumps, etc.


The latest addition to EPA was mainstream sites with higher emissions of greenhouse gases. In this article we will tell how were the impact of this measure, as we have them from the same United States in Treehugger, a very interesting website dedicated to the environment.

Interactive EPA's map shows the location of the major emitters of greenhouse gases in the United States .U.S. Most pollutants among university hospitals, and power generation plants.

In hospitals, a good part of that is due to the use of refrigerants as something old that they have a high incidence in the global warming, which are common in this type of buildings, because here is where it is needed permanently use air conditioning.


Using the website of EPA, and allowing free access to these data in the public domain, institutional investors are already working on the development of statistical patterns. The objective is to incorporate this new information on polluting emissions from industries with its traditional statistics and mathematical models that use of support when deciding what to bet and what does not.

Once develops and has accepted a model in particular, investors will have an indirect indicator which put in evidence industrial processes and/or taking inefficient administrative decisions in companies. And this will have, with great security, its impact on Wall Street.

The good news is that the carbon is in his mira…, and we already know from where the threads of the economy moving. ERGO, the side effect will be greater interest of the companies (some of them, at least) in caring for their emissions and their environmental impact.

Awareness of how the greenhouse gas emissions impact on the financial situation of the undertakings contained in this map is one of the more compelling reasons for the political opposition (not openly declared) against these inventories of emissions of greenhouse gases.

Now that the map of the EPA is already online, large emitters of greenhouse gases represented therein, with any logic they come to attack the Messenger, trying to discredit both the Agency of environmental protection to the methods used to make the inventory.

The New York Times to give coverage to the news of the EPA's map offers an example of this:

"... the inventory of emissions not captures information about the efficiency of thesource." "New York University, for example, it may appear as a large issuer of New York, but a year ago opened a cogeneration plant which produces electricity and uses waste heat to heat and cool buildings, thus doing more work per pound of emitted carbon dioxide than most other sources of these gases".





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