Sunday, July 29, 2012

Contamination with Aluminium

Previously we have seen the damage they cause heavy metals to different ecosystems with so-called toxic Heavy Metals and metal in general, who come not only from the Mining pollutant, but also from other industrial activities, and less cases of "Pollution Natural "as in the Volcanic Eruptions where they are encouraged by the hand of man.

This time, we will look to other metal contaminants that often occur in nature but whose concentration increases sharply with the actions of man, can cause not only the modification of a particular ecosystem, but also serious disruption to the health of people.Uses of AluminumIn nature you can find aluminum, reaching the earth's surface at a rate not exceeding 8%, the third of the elements of the earth's crust, and is quite relative abundance with respect to general metal forming part of the chemical structure of the Alumino-silicates which are present in most rocks and minerals.Due to its high malleability, their abundance and their physicochemical properties that favor its widespread use, this metal is the product of a high level of industrialization, as part of materials such as alumina, one of the components used in wire and Abrasive processing, although its best known application is the creation of Cookware and tools varied cuisine.These elements in the time of disposal are disposed of without treatment, without knowing that may arise Toxic Effects in the future, because as we shall see, no physiological functions in the body, but rather the opposite.

Toxic aluminumCurrently there are no deep analysis about the minimum and maximum tolerable to this substance, because it is a bioaccumulative toxic, ie it has no acute toxic effects and sudden, but will accumulate in the affected organs as joins the body, mainly by food intake.When incorporated in the body largely eliminated via the kidney, but is noisy for proper absorption of other substances such as phosphorus, iron and calcium by the body, which in the long term tends to affect other organs like the liver The Heart and the Brain, also accumulate in the bones and the bone marrow.While it is estimated an average of 9 mg% in an adult, this concentration is increased much more in cases of occupational exposure in the case of individuals who work with metal manufacture, printing, automotive factories and further Mining Activities, which is absorbed primarily dermal and respiratory rates, as it is often transported in small particles through the air.

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