Monday, July 23, 2012

European Union: Generation Awake

Each of the decisions you make are important and it is time that you begin to appreciate each one of them because they have a greater impact than you can imagine, it is time to consider before buying a product.

The Generation Awake promotes consumers to think before you buy, not only by society today if not for future generations, it is a thinking about the future today, take care of our own and those yet to come.

If each of us to take conscience that the products we choose to speak of our future and of all generations, pararĂ­amos to reflect each of our decisions because our resources are dependent on what you do today.

Now we tend to forget natural resources such as water, fertile soils, the fresh air or biodiversity by our desire to improve our standard of living, but this has a price because resources are beginning to dwindle and it endangers our near and distant future wellbeing.

What is before us today is not stop consuming the level to which we are accustomed, if not learn to consume efficiently and different, where respect for what gives us the Earth, saving money and reducing the impact exerted on the environment.

Today we present you a very funny video that tells us about the Awake Generation of the European Union with a catchy song and a few exceptional players: paper bags.

Your choices is to make the world different.

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