Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Renewable energy in your respiration!

The search for renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly more intense, with many discoveries that offer hope for future generations. Many innovative inventions have entered the market, which give us hope that in the future (hopefully, not too distant future) the world will stop relying on non-renewable energy.

Like other flagrant imagination devices, air is showing great potential. It is a mask that converts the energy of the wind into electricity. The carrier should only adjust the mask and breathe normally. Only in this way, the electricity generated is sufficient for recharging small electronic devices. And it has in its favour to be used in virtually any situation, indoors or outdoors.

The gadgets are modern man's new best friends. Generally speaking, a person has more than one electronic device that performs specific functions or others that have numerous uses in their daily lives. But despite how useful that they can become this almost infinite number of devices, is an undeniable fact that consume much electricity.

You guys know you well, users of gadgets need every day ensure that the energy bar lines are complete to make the device work properly and the time needed before daring to leave the House with him, otherwise is essential to load them.

ERGO, to the extent that these electronic devices are mostly driven by non-renewable energy, as a whole represents a significant burden on our energy resources.

Daily human activities are likely to be used for the production of energy, for example, riding a bike, running at the gym or simply give a footprint. So you can give energy to that same MP3 player thanks to which we can listen to our favorite music while we do this.

This type of alternative energy (like any other renewable) will help to reduce pollution, save resources and reduce the impact of man on the environment.

Air... or how to convert your breath into electricity

Air is an optimal solution to solve some of our needs in the field of energy. The mask , which you can see in the pictures that accompany this article - is a design that still at the stage of "concept".  It is an electronic device capable of converting the breathing of the user, which is actually wind energyinto electrical energy.

The mask has been equipped with tiny wind turbines that are responsible for this conversion. Then, through a cable that is connected to the mask, transfers the energy generated to storage that is connected at the other end device.

Air is fully functional both indoors and outdoors, when you are asleep or awake, walking or running, etc. In addition, the device generates physical activity, because so you can speed up the batteries charging.

Though it seems be something massively people would be ready to use now, must be recognized that it is a simple, creative and efficient way to get energy free, available any day and at any time.

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