Sunday, July 15, 2012

Indias solar panels get a green signal

Many companies can start off with their work of developing the solar panels in a big way, as there would neither be interference nor intervention, as the solar panel constructions are now exempted from the environmental licensing.

Land clearances for construction of large solar-thermal power plants, will not be an issue of the past any longer. Some of the major Indian companies - Reliance Power Ltd. (RPWR) and Lanco Infratech Ltd. (LANCI) are now free to construct the solar-thermal power plants, as there are no more environmental-permit scrutinies.

India?s investment in solar projects will assure economic growth, as the conventional forms of energy- fossil fuels, firewood will be replaced by the renewable forms, ensuing the protection of the conventional energy forms for a longer duration. Besides, the government is also putting in consistent efforts to empower the rural areas by means of supplying cost-effective solar energy to generate electricity.

Solar energy is one of the most incredible sources of energy, used on a large scale to power various resources. Solar furnaces, water heating, solar cells are some of the prime solar generated working models. Construction of solar panels requires extensive area, about (309 acres) of land. Photovoltaic plants make use of solar panels that absorb the energy from the sun and directly supply power; thermal stations draw in sunlight to heat liquids that produce steam for generators.

Considering the exemption from environmental licensing, solar panel projects will now see a rise, resulting in growth of renewable energy.

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