Sunday, July 22, 2012

Investment in Renewable Energy Gets a Positive Go Ahead

 Research in energy education has given several positive implications that the future lies in the hands of renewable energy resources. Moreover, the prices of wind, thermal and solar power are estimated to fall as more alternative power sources are switched into the energy grid. CEES provides courses in energy grid education as part of its various academic courses.

Investing in Renewable Energy makes a good economic sense according to the researchers, as the cost of most of the renewable sources is dropping down. Solar energy is one of the strongest means of energies and over the next 5-10 years, fossil fuels will have a very close competition with solar technologies.

A high demand for Alternative energy:
Alternative energy resources are mostly renewable; they ensure a steady supply of energy to meet the present and future needs of people. Thus, these renewable resources turn out to be cheaper than traditional ones, which are expensive because of their limited availability and fast depleting reserves.

Massive slashes in power bills are recorded on account of renewable energy consumption-sun, wind, tides, biomass etc. Since they produce clean energy sans pollution, using such resources is an ideal way to go green and reduce the carbon footprint.

Advantages of Alternative sources:
Renewable sources are present in abundance and hence there isn't any danger of them getting depleted unlike oil or fossil fuels. Besides, they maintain a constant price and do not have a fluctuating price range like the oil and natural gas prices. Alternative energy is a clean energy form as it can be recycled, processed and reused.

Power is harnessed by renewable energy resources (sun, wind, tides) thus dependency on imports of fossil fuels is alleviated and high cost of power transportation is reduced.

Green house gases pollute the air, thus resulting into respiratory illnesses and other health hazards. Hence, alternative energy is imperative as it promises a healthy and a clean world.

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