Monday, July 9, 2012

DIA de Reyes, No Child Without a mile

Today we briefly change focus to speak of those who are our most important resource, our most valuable reality and promise: the children. So today we briefly tell the story of a group of young Spaniards that transformed, through its action, a small great gesture: the face of a sad child into one with a huge smile.

He is "any child without smile" who is a self-styled group of of young volunteers who chose to take hands to work to try to child continued life due to them despite the crisis for which Europe is currently happening.
Volunteers are placed on campaign especially for the dates of Christmas and Reyes collecting second-hand toys or which companies cannot sell by having a defect. They restored, so clean and prepare so that they could become a perfect gift of Kings for those families in disadvantaged situation that can not give a present to their children.

How is the procedure for those families access to the gift wanted for their children is really simple: families only have to fill out a short form with the following information: name, age and sex of the child and that is what you would like that they regalasen. Filling this form volunteers then seek the toy that is best suited to the request and so prepare a package to be delivered to the family in question.

Another way is that the same child complete the letter to the Kings by making arrive the letter via e-mail of the organization or sending it directly by mail directed to the entity Any child without smile.

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