Saturday, July 21, 2012

Energy Education is a Pathway to Better Future

Clean energy jobs are the leading and most upcoming career options today. As we all know, a lot needs to be worked out and implemented in the energy education sector, but for that we need efficient government backing because there are already many individuals driven towards this field, a stronger impetus can keep the energy sector moving.

Recently, US President Obama was of the opinion that sciences and more precisely energy education can help in the betterment of the future. He laid emphasis on training 10,000 new American Engineers every year, who would work in the clean energy sector. The president stated that Clean Energy Education has the potential to create untold numbers of new jobs.

Many nations are warming up to the idea of energy efficiency and energy related jobs and they wonder what it can do to the economy of the country. Energy education leads to efficient energy use and can result into global progress by bringing about reduction as well as more or less uniformity in the product prices. Besides, energy education can regulate the pollution meter, by adding to the environmental benefits by mitigating green house gas emissions. Low scale economies recover from financial depressions and the use of renewable energy also accelerates, which secures the exhaustible sources from further depletion.

Investing in energy education is important because of its rising demand and availability of clean energy courses globally; also, it is the next emerging sector for green collar jobs. CEES takes the initiative in explaining that energy education is the need of the hour through its myriad range of energy courses. Energy Education is vital for a safe and a secured socio-economic living.

Considering the present picture of Energy Education, does it have the potential to sustain the future needs?

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