Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pollution and Andalusia

Begins a new year, and he initiated a large number of measures that will have the difficult task of reducing the various forms of pollution, something which is basically generate different customs, forming an awareness social, accompanied by some regulations to accompany the project.


There are different types of pollution that has been the eye in the early days of the year, projecting for the current year, and looking for reductions in the various indexes.

Contaminacion Gases

Much of this has seen in recent days on the Board of Andalusia, who has among its various agencies to Andalusian emissions compensation scheme (SACE) who recently has formed an alliance with Grenadine Confederation of entrepreneurs (CGE) to active participation against the climate change, where industries have a great responsibility.

Although at this early stage joining this project will be on a voluntary basis, is expected there are different rules to give a binding, in the coming years demonstrating a clear interest for environmental care. Those who adhere to this, must perform three fundamental tasks: audit the quantity of gaseous pollutants emitted; Take measures to reduce this amount; Offset emissions generated periodically.

In addition, future, seeks to also take not only accession in the industrial sector, but also in different branches of the trade, from tourism to transportation.

Contaminacion Luminica

This theme, there is even a chapter on The Simpsons where seeks to raise awareness about what is, but however, there are very few measures that seek to alleviate this situation, so what has made the Junta de Andalucía in recent days has been remarkable.

First, they announced various campaigns of awareness which aim not only to the replacement of conventional light bulbs by the use of lamps low consumption, which will be endorsed by the regulation for the protection of the quality of the sky to light pollution, voted in the last month of August and came into full force on the first day of this year.

Of the Counseling of the Board, has announced they will seek to reduce the energy consumption of different luminaires and public facilities in up to 11%, with a lighting analysis for this purpose.

Aguas Residuales

Other forms of pollution will be combated in Andalusia, which first will be an analysis of the various populations in the Bay of Algeciras, carried out by the Doñana biological station and under the technical supervision of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) who will be making a dolphin census, inquiring about their distribution in a given space, and various hazards to which they are being subjected.

This will be supplemented Moreover the measure taken against emissions, encouraging a commitment by industries (treated sewage waters) and also by the port activity, often with little or no control of the waste they generate.

Delfin Andaluz

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