Monday, March 7, 2011

Abiotic factors of ecology

Below we explain something to do with ecology, but from a technical point of view. In write and read about this exciting subject, on the environment and the world of ecology, it is good to know that signify the different terms in which we move. In this case, the abiotic factors of ecology.Gomez_fig1editada Ecology is the interaction between organisms and their physical environment. The factors that encourage this interaction, are the abiotic and biotic.Abiotic factors would be the different components that determine the physical space in which living organisms; among the most important, can be found: the light is of the most important factors develop life on our planet, this is an extremely important abiotic factor. The light energy is used by plants in photosynthesis, form is essential for life.However, in order of importance, we should also water. This abiotic factor is also extremely important for life on Earth for animals. We all know also, that man is composed of 75% of water approximately.cycle_eau_uk The temperature is however, a useful tool for the ectodérmicos Agency (fish, amphibians, reptiles, etc……). Plants also use very hot to adapt to the process of photosynthesis.Ecology, by its multidisciplinary character, is compelled to consider very carefully the interaction between the factors biotic and abiotic. It is a form of knowing different data that can make change climate and biodiversity see therefore inevitably affected.Foto: google image fuente:

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