Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun tips for caring for the environment

These are the key points to be able to take care of the environment in a fun way:
Bet on the bicicletaTurnos to fetch the Ninosducharnos with the Pequenosreciclando cristalJugando boats in the dark

Fuel and gas emitting cars or motorcycles, are nothing good for the environment, so we can bet on to cycle on all sides.I know that for many us will be nothing fun, and it is in fact even somewhat tired, but as soon as you get used to carry a bicycle, it is difficult to use other transport, and more when in the cities there are all kinds of car parks for these.If you want to Save on fuel and the cost of our car, and also want to protect the environment, we can bet on talk to mothers or parents of the companions of our children and between all organize shifts to go looking for them without the need to use several cars.

Another fun idea is the bathing us with our children. In fact we can save water and also take advantage of to bathing children.A good idea is the father bathe with the children and the mother with the girls, this mode to avoid uncomfortable questions about the human anatomy by children.Reuse packaging of mayonnaise, margarine, etc.. It is something that we have all made on occasion and allowing in fact that we can protect the environment without that we hardly realize.Take advantage of boat you have, to make beautiful vases and pens. In addition when you extra, you can take advantage to give to friends and family.

Saving electricity is something very important and indeed ourselves we can turn off the lights and save electric energy to caring for the environment in this way.A fun idea that I propose implies also the smallest of the House since we play weekends or a few hours before bedtime to stay totally in the dark and with a few candles play Chinese shadows or tell horror stories. EST mode not only can amuse ourselves at home, also will spend less light.

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