Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Create Your Urban Garden

Containers need to start where the different vegetables grow, we can reuse food containers, fruit boxes, etc., besides being a very economical alternative contributes to the care of the planet.

Also we must be careful when choosing a substrate for our culture, as this must have certain characteristics of pH (around pH 6.5 is optimal) and consistency, which is given by the percentage of clay.

For some crops, like tomatoes or green beans, we also need tutors (can serve bamboo or branches of a tree), to prevent the fruit from falling to the ground.

 Next we must consider what we can grow vegetables, depending on site characteristics of the garden: if it is a sunny spot can grow tomatoes, but not strawberries. If we can choose a spacious fruit and large vegetables such as watermelons, pumpkins and melons, but if space is our limiting factor, we must be content to plant lettuce, spinach and some cherry tomatoes.

The best structure to create a garden in our house is oriented in north-south direction and making sure the soil is rather flat.

It is convenient to divide the garden into four equal parts so we can plant different vegetables like:

The following fruits: potatoes, carrots, leeks, onions, asparagus, etc.. Plants leaf lettuce, cauliflower, spinach, etc.. Legumes: beans, peas, beans, etc.. Fruit plants: tomato, cucumber, zucchini

We must keep in mind when planning the composition of our garden, that certain plant associations are beneficial for growth, while others are detrimental.

It should rotate crops every year because it will make the earth naturally replenish minerals and not depleted. In addition, different species have different requirements. It is also advisable to rest the land every four or five years. If we believe necessary to fertilize our garden we should opt for green alternatives, such as manure or earthworm humus.

When we have a garden at home we realize that it is the privileged place of our home and we are doing our bit and contribute to preserving the environment. Also enjoy the full flavor of the vegetables that have ripened naturally do not lose their properties.

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