Sunday, January 16, 2011


Photovoltaic solar energy can be convertiren a great business for manufacturing, in the North of the country to the can export it to us.

The energy potential of the area is very high, the annual average insolation exceeds 6 kw/h per square meter per day. Due to this, the Secretariat of environment and natural resources (Semarnat) recognized its potential and business opportunity for export to the United States.

In an interview to Juan Elvira Quesada, owner of Semarnat assured even is possible and feasible to export solar energy to the United States, without any obstacle or legal problem. In California, United States, there is an initiative, in review, which would require that 32% of the energy used in that State must generate from renewable sources.

"Now being discussed how much renewable energy must produce the same State of California, rather than import it", he said.

He added that to the extent that this Mexico making solar panels, there will be more opportunities.

The director of the Commission on cooperation ecological border (Cocef), Daniel Chacon Anaya, explained that the team used for the generation of solar energy in Mexico currently comes from China, country maquiladora industry could take this renewable energy source development to become producer and supplier of solar cells.

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