Saturday, January 29, 2011


Finally I come to Mexico the best-selling hybrid car in the world, the Toyota Prius. After a long wait, July 21 Japanese brand released model Toyota Prius Premium, a vehicle that has a gasoline engine and another electric powered from batteries which are able to reload with braking, declines in earrings and bearing working together.

This is thanks to a system known as "COGS planetary" to intelligently Select if energy must transfer via gasoline or the electric engine.

The electric motor of the Prius is able to develop speeds of up to 30 kilometres per hour for 8 completely autonomous km, something that surely appreciate in traffic that keep off combustion engine lights, the system of air-conditioning and audio work with batteries, fuel economy is really good.

While the internal combustion engine alone is 100% more efficient than a conventional engine already that this not lies the task of the boot.

Inside of the equipment for the version to Mexico emphasizes the JBL system with 8 speakers, bluetooth connection with controls on the steering wheel for cell phone, reverse, camera electric and one touch control of cruise, glass headlights illuminated by LEDs, 7 pockets of air, access and boot without key, electronic stability control Antilock braking, electronic distribution of the braking force assisted in emergency, among others.

Seems a good choice, isn't it?. This, when you can pay, the Prius has a price superior to the 428 thousand pesos, what comes to mind where are so widely spoken tax benefits? I understand that you will not pay tenure, but any car in its segment already paid this happy tax.

Technologically hybrid cars are a great option to minimize CO2 emissions from combustion engines, but as long as they have these high costs without real fiscal benefits, remain a luxury and not a necessity.

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