Thursday, January 20, 2011


Gradually the sustainable housing in our country begins open way, since there agreement specialists of real estate, approximately 50,000 homes this type in all Mexico, far short of new and used housing.

In the differences we can find a sustainable housing and a common and current, we find the following:

Reduction in the CO2 emissions, use of thermal blocks that retain heat or bring a cooler environment, savers pockets of energy harvesting rain water and wastewater to make them not drinking for purposes of irrigation, changing toilet for 4 litres boxes, use paintings anti reflejantes, use of solar cells to heat water, separation of organic and inorganic waste.

And cost, sustainable housing can be between 25 and 40 per cent more expensive by the type of materials and specific facilities. Savings is in maintenance costs than on average is 25% per month (for consumption of electricity, gas, water).

Yet we cannot speak there a culture of sustainable in Mexico, housing it is first necessary to have the infrastructure necessary to build this type of housing.

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