Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheapest Green Car – Honda Fit Hybrid

Honda Fit Hybrid In tune with its focus on continuing with combining hybrid attempts and smaller size, Honda is offering another hybrid – the smallest and cheapest. This fall, Honda’s Fit will be on sale in Japan priced at 1.6 million yen hoping to become an instant hit. Honda will be launching the cute little car in the 2010 Auto Show at Paris in October under the name Honda Fit Hybrid. Its petrol version, called Jazz/Honda Fit is already in the markets. The Hybrid Fit will have the distinction of being the first hybrid subcompact car model marketed by Honda.

The new hybrid from Honda stable:
Honda Fit is the third of the hybrid series Honda has added to the CR-Z hybrid cars. The neat little line-up includes Civic, Accord and Honda Insight. The economical Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) setup used in the Insight would be incorporated in the Honda Fit Hybrid as well

Electric & petrol Unit in tandem:
Reports indicate that Fit will be fitted with Honda’s 1.3 litre/4-cylinder petrol unit to work in tandem with a 9.7kW electric motor and is expected to generate about 97hp. Plans are afoot to launch the automatic (CVT) version as well as the manual Fit Hybrid version.

Usual features:
All features like brake-energy regeneration that are usually found in Honda hybrids are found along with an Economy button for maximum fuel efficiency. As usual with the hybrid cars – which are known for not being very fast – Honda Fit Hybrid is also projected more for its efficiency rather than for its speed.

Hybrid system – Japanese favourite:
While European market still looks at diesel-driven small cars, Japan leads in going for smaller, more compact and more energy-efficient hybrid models. This has been more due to considerable government subsidies on green-car models. But the Japanese customers will benefit more than before thanks to the competitive deals that will certainly be offered even if subsidies are lifted.

Sales expectations:
Making its advent in the 2010 Auto Show at Paris, the sales are expected to start by 2010 end or early 2011. The car priced at a premium is expected to have the additional attraction of mileage – which in the upper sixties makes it a good buy.

Honda’s future goals:
Honda is firm in its conviction that future market in automobiles will be in small cars – that too in hybrid versions of small cars. The firm is going ahead with its plans accordingly and is busy with the production of 2011 CR-Z vehicles. Seeing that the hybrids have advantages like low price, cost competitiveness, and fuel efficiency, their hopes seem to be well founded.

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