Friday, January 21, 2011


Jalisco, as it has already done in Oaxaca and arises in Baja California, was built a wind farm capable of meeting almost 125 thousand household energy demand.

The project envisaged starting in the last quarter of 2011 and creared in Ojuelos municipality, Jalisco. Approximate investment is 100 million dollars.

"We are now in all approvals and permits the authorities", explained Oscar Galindo rivers, project director. He also said that 100% of the investment will be private.

The new Aeolus-power plant shall consist of 30 wind turbines with a capacity of 2 MW each. What is a wind farm with capacity of 60 Megawatts (MW) and an estimated annual production of electricity from 180.00 GWh per year, which is expected to leave issue 102 thousand tons per year of carbon dioxide.

The company interconectar√° the energy that produces a plant of the Federal Electricity Commission later sell it to the industries.

For two years Mexico Eoliatec started talks with farmers in the area to conclude contracts and making measurements.

In Mexico, another State that already has wind projects is Oaxaca, where expected that by 2012 already installed 2 thousand 500 MW.

Specialist added that other entities where have projects for wind energy generation are Baja California and Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Zacatecas, Veracruz and Yucat√°n.

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