Friday, January 14, 2011

Presentation of 3rd Eco Forum

For third consecutive year, ecological Union team, with the collaboration of public and private entities and the participation of a committed group of experts, organizes on 28 and 29 October 2010 in Espai Francesca Bonnemaison Barcelona the 3rd World Forum of ECHO, an international gathering that seeks the reflection and the creation of networks and synergies with the aim of generating new ideas towards a more sustainable and responsible society.

Conservation and promotion of biodiversity child elements key to achieving the objectives of the sustainability of society. Accelerating social and economic changes have led to a depletion of natural resources and the disappearance of species and habitats often irreversible. These environmental losses impoverished the natural capital of the company and endanger our social, economic and environmental well-being.

The Convention on biological diversity, developed at the United Nations Conference for environment and development, aims to achieve a significant reduction in the loss of biodiversity at global, regional and local level. This challenge is not only the environmental sector, since the concept of biodiversity affects and is the responsibility of all stakeholders: companies, civil society organizations, Governments and citizens strengthening are developed through the exchange of goods and services ecosystem, and have a fundamental role in the protection and promotion.

Eco Forum world 2010 in coherence with the international year of biological diversity (2010), aims to contribute an East multilevel and multidisciplinary, multiagent approach requires the preservation and promotion of biodiversity on the planet. This framework, this third edition drills down transformation, with a program (ecological) and special (bio) diversity so that cross related biodiversity with economy, politics, city, business and society in general.


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