Saturday, January 15, 2011


Bioclimatic housing is housing construction taking into account the climatic conditions and use environmental resources like the Sun, vegetation, rain, wind and reduce energy consumption.

In addition to savings in maintenance, housing built based on the bioclimatic brings health, well-being and comfort to occupants.

Include this type of housing is in designing buildings, taking into account the climatic conditions of the area. Bioclimatic housing may achieve great savings and even become self-sustainable, if take into account the following:

Orientation: consider the location and orientation of the property depending on whether you want to capture or avoid the solar radiation.

Thermal insulation: materials to correct Windows protection waterproofing and thickness of walls, avoiding the loss of heat in the winter and summer gains.

Cross ventilation: correct ventilation prevents excessive air conditioners.

Renewable energy: capture the energy of the Sun, rain or wind and turn it into heat or electricity, gives us the opportunity to have a 100% sustainable housing.

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