Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Solar panels economic and accessible

Technology, increasingly, cascaded their efforts on achieving cleaner and in the possibility of generating solar energy that has an affordable consumer technologies. This has been the case of a company in United States has announced a recent product will fill the expectations of all them looking for electricity and alternative solar energy cost savings.

Company is first Solar Inc., and say is to manufacture a type of solar panel that however cost of 1.00 dollar per watt (W), and also is provides for achieving improved yields and possible improvements by the cost refers to the future.

There are currently clarifying the approximate cost of manufacture is 3.00 UFO per watt (W), comparing it with this new technology, is much more economical and accessible to the majority of those interested in using these alternative energy sources.

First Solar Inc., this is just a start and technologies are already brewing to achieve better ways to save environmentally.

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