Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Depletion of natural resources

In this blog. We often talk about renewable energy . But I realized that is interesting to know because there is so much emphasis on the use of renewable energy. I think it's just because, or we can promote the depletion of natural resources.raffinerie Natural resources are all goods and services provided by nature without alteration of human beings. Also contribute to the well-being and development of directly or indirectly.It is clear that there are resources and renewable natural resources non-renewable natural or non-renewable energy. To do this post I thought it was desirable to discuss natural resources which are not primarily renewable and therefore prone to his exhaustion or more easy to exhaust.Exhaustible natural resources could include mainly: tierra we must be very clear that such a resource may end up one day. Unfortunately, the advance of modern civilizations has echo are you consume much of these resources very quickly, mainly due to the pace of production and life countries more developed. With our obsession with developing new forms of industry and exploitation of mother earth, we have only managed to increase the speed and the depletion of natural resources.Natural resources are of extreme importance for the economy of the countries and the global economy, as a country's economy is usually determined by the amount of resources available.As a result, in recent years, we have moved to rely on a very important natural resource for the industry and life in the last century, oil. It is a resource that we know will end for some decades and therefore has encouraged research into new sources of energy inexhaustible. Addition is being carried out in different countries some political par reduce the consumption of this matter and make it lasts more.here-to-stay Policies carried out, is the ban on plastic bags , countries as Spain. A stupid way to squander this natural resource, you need to create thousands of years.Unfortunately, this energy change is a challenge for countries developed by some years have to seek ways to technologically evolve that have a low environmental impact.Unfortunately, the reality that holds the current world in which we live, translates into a lifestyle based on oil. We move with oil, consumismos oil, we pay with oil. Although we do not create it, we can do much to solve the problem of exhaustion of natural resources. Simply, if all we stop eating so many resources and products, we can reduce the impact a little. Independent of Governments to impose more sanctions to manufacture or use of non-renewable resources, we must understand that the vast majority of humanity, which uses these resources. Simply to stop using products made from oil, we can make a great well to the planet. Addition, if we think with common sense and look to a future in which we not because so many exhaustible products, we preserve life on Earth, for the good of all and for the sake of humanity.


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