Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Elcogas launches the first CO2 capture plant in Spain

Elcogas, operates since 1998 the plant integrated gasification combined cycle (GICC) of Puertollano (Ciudad Real), has completed the implementation of its pilot CO2 capture unit.

Starting this week the plant will begin producing ready to store CO2 or Santiago, becoming, once optimized processes, to produce up to 100 t/day of CO2, which is enough to continue with research for recycling or Santiago an industrial scale, or to transfer it for tests to be performed previously to the establishment of geological storage of CO2.

This technology is one of the three pillars, along with improving efficiency and the use of renewable energy, referred to by the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, United Nations, the International Energy Agency, and by the European Commission, para mitigation of climate change in the short and medium term.

The implementation of the capture of CO2 in central GICC is associated H2 obtaining opens it a way to efficiently co-production, economic and environmentally, H2 and electricity with indigenous fuels.

The pilot plant has been built within the singular and strategic project "CO2 technology" with the support of the Ministry of science and innovation, and the key and resolute support of the governing body of communities of Castilla - La Mancha.

In this environment begins a period of testing for characterization and data extraction to determine their application a mayor of scale. Posteriormente unit will be offered as research platform for development and demonstration of CO2, producing clean H2 and Santiago or storing CO2 capture processes scientific and industrial community.,

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