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Daily generated an large amount of waste, considered how all material that is necessary to remove a home or a given environment, otherwise be could accumulate a large amount of micro-organisms harmful to health, or accumulate a huge dirt with similar consequences.


Naturally, to perform the task of rid of the garbage, it is necessary to have an appropriate container, to do so in an orderly manner, and going even further, the task of separating the garbage for subsequent recycling, which helps to later reuse what you have ruled out.

Basically we can classify the waste according to their composition chemistry, serving this often to find out how should be discarded, when doing so and its subsequent possibility of recovery through a process of recycling.

Organic waste: origin purely biological, which includes all those that comes from a living creature, ranging from food or the discarded during its development, until the remains of leaves and plants in general.Inorganic wastes: as opposed to the previous ones, it is industrial waste that have been manufactured by means of a non-natural process, being the best known derivatives of the plastic.Hazardous waste: the latter group seeks to differentiate from the other two, regardless of its origin (may be biological or not) you are looking for is to be treated in a differential way, being in this group those radioactive waste, waste with a high acid content, substances with a high corrosive power, and more often the medical material.

Basura Electronica

Other proposed classifications is in include Garbage technology as a group apart, either included among the Hazardous waste by having many of them with materials that can result in a subsequent soil contamination, that lately it is demanding that they can be made with recyclable materials.

On waste, there is a topic of debate for which never comes to a particular solution, which is the problem of the space where they are housed (or rather, from landfills) where many times destroyed large amounts of green space for the sake of obtaining a large garbage dump for a particular community.

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The most widely accepted solution is separating the garbage for their subsequent task of recycling, but also requires an awareness that carried not to discard more than necessary, mainly emphasizing the reduction of pollution that would be achieved.

In no way must burn the waste in order to gain space, as contrary to search for a care of the environment environment, what is being done is to produce as much carbon dioxide, which as we have said many timesIt is harmful.


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