Friday, April 8, 2011

Biofuel from Algae

To be able to succeed to the growing energy demand, it is imperative that the researchers put hands to work in the search for new renewable energy sources, which not only feasible in its application, but also easy to obtain, which may be accompanied by the requirement for a low investment.

On this occasion, we have to present a new alternative that is driving in many countries, due to its versatility of use and by the large amount of raw material is available, the development of biofuels from algae marinas.

In the case of New Zealand, an alliance forged between firms solray energy, production of energy, and the company aquaflow bionomics, who has studied the growth of algae in sewage, seek development altogether in a viable way of transforming these aquatic algae into fuel.

The main product that is obtained is biodiesel, to get the same performance as that is manufactured with oil, with the advantage of a level of quite reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

On the other hand, in the production can be obtained by distillation Biobutanol (can be used in internal combustion engines), Biogasoline (of similar performance to gasoline, composed of hydrocarbons) and Methane Gas (mixed with other gases through the process of anaerobic digestion can reach to replace the Natural Gas)

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