Thursday, April 28, 2011

PowerMod: To the Rescue

PowerMod Think of the earthquake that happened at Tahiti, or havoc-provoking typhoons like Katrina; or the recent plane crash that took so many lives. With man-made or natural disasters occurring unexpectedly at all corners of earth, there has been a sharp demand for dependable portable energy sources that can make rescue efforts a lot easier and more successful. And to that effect, arrives PowerMod – the new portable solar tent ready to help in relief work to victims of disaster.

Hazards of conventional energy sources
Think of the trouble and hazards in transporting conventional fuel. And the high cost of procuring and storing the fuel only adds to the scenario – more so when you envision the spills, leaks, poisonous emissions and fire hazards! The noise of generator adding to the melee and trauma borne by the victims only reinforces high unsuitability of conventional fuel for rescue work.

Renewable energy sources for relief work
Today unconventional and renewable power sources are viable options for rescue work energy needs. They are available at a minimum cost and do not have the hazards that the conventional fuel normally present. With both solar energy and wind energy are now becoming more portable, no wonder, the latest kid in the block for helping in rescue work is the portable solar tent.

Features of PowerMod
PowerMod is a simplest kind of shelter – a 20×20 foot roof of flexible panel. The flexible panel is made by integrating FTL Solar lightweight fabric and Ascent Solar’s thin-film solar cells. It is supported in the center by a pole. It gives a power output of 4.5 kilowatt hours/day. It weighs about 165 pounds totally. It can be assembled in 15 minutes and does not need more than 2 persons to assemble it.

Benefits of PowerMod
The energy used is solar power which has no fire hazards or poisonous fumes etc. Nor is there any need for huge containers to ferry across to the disaster site, at a huge cost eating into the relief-rescue expenditure. It works on clean emission-less energy, at low cost. It provides enough power to run essentials like lights, fans, laptops, refrigerators, AC equipment and to power up batteries, charge cell phones etc. It is portable, light-weight, needs just 2 persons and 15 minutes to be assembled and it looks neat and uncluttered.

Long-Term outlook
Recent trends show that quick and dependable relief work is crucial at the time of any disaster. When caring and compassionate assistance is the need of the hour, the renewable energy sourced portable solar tent is the most fitting answer to it. No doubt, the PowerMod will play an important role in future rescue work.

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