Sunday, April 10, 2011

Apollo Umeox

Probably many users of mobile phones are going be speaking, by sending a text message or performing any other activity, and suddenly we received notice that we are depleting the battery, something that often happens that we tend to neglect it, and that often leaves us disconnected for a while.

Umeox Apollo

As well, that is ending soon, as we have before us the umeox Apollo, a mobile phone that uses renewable energy to offer virtually unlimited autonomy, provided we have the patience of not obstructing its energy source.

In the back of his shell, includes a small photovoltaic solar panel that allows to instantly recharge your batteries, and will be marketed in some countries of Europe and, obviously, in Asia, the epicenter of the latest technology.

The point against is that it requires approximately two hours and average daily load, which should be carried out compulsorily after its use, that if batteries they have been exhausted, to recharge your battery completely demand about 17 hours of sun exposure.

Anyway, is the constant intention of employing this technology in devices that we use on a daily basis.

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