Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tower Net Lima in the Philippines

Often when building a skyscraper neglect factors relating to the site is located where the project, especially those relating to the environment and until the subsequent implementation of renewable energy taking advantage of its structure, therefore we highlight the emergence of what will describe below.

Net Lima Tower

It is a complex of three towers which will represent the complex Net Metropolis 5th Avenue the capital of the Philippines (Manila), in the commercial district of fort Bonifacio, and that it will serve as headquarters to large companies in the Asian State counting on a surface covered 1.550.000 square metres, surrounded by some parks full of trees and plants of all kinds.

The first one has been built, under the name of Tower Net Lima, and carries a design planned to be adapted and sustainable structure for providing a great help to the use of renewable energy, also joined a remarkable decrease in power consumption.

We highlight the existence of wind turbines which will enable supply to the Tower, coupled with an innovative system that uses a solar filter special made in aluminium, placed on its periphery, which repels heat (designed to reduce consumption electricity generated by the innumerable installation of air-conditioning, something common in offices)

This joined other engineering looking to take advantage of everything that eventually is discarded, as for example the water from the Air conditioner, which would be stored in a special containers for cleaning and irrigation of the Park.

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