Sunday, April 17, 2011

CIEMAT IntiGIS evaluates the best energy solutions in rural areas

The Centre for energy research, environmental and technology (CIEMAT) has developed a promising application for the evaluation of the energy solutions more conducive in certain rural areas: IntiGIS. It is basically a system of geographic information (GIS) capable of analysing different options of electrification, either with conventional energy or renewable.


The System 1.0 IntiGIS., is especially moving to Latin American rural areas. The application analyzes the overturned information in order to determine the necessary technical, economic and geographic parameters for a comprehensive overview of the needs and possibilities of the region in terms of electrification.

Those who are interested in learning about or even implement this geographic information system can download it from the IntiGIS web site for free with scientific or academic purposes. Ali will find instructions and system requirements. It should be clarified that sale or other commercial uses, prohibited given that all of their rights are the domain of CIEMAT.



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