Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Autonomy electric cars

With the constant introduction of new models and their consequent development, electric cars still have as a common factor a problem which tries to work hard, whereas they should be a replaced those that emit large amount of carbon dioxide not only to be used in the city, but also travel long distance.

Coche Hidrogeno

Thus the concept that it always is the autonomy, i.e. the ability of a determined amount of km with a full charge of the Lithium Ion batteries, something that in most cases, is around 150 km.

But this will surely change soon, that recently signed Innova power limited has announced that they have discovered, along with students from the University of Sunderland, a very material capable of obtaining electricity from water, extracting hydrogen molecules.

In this way we only must acquire this "magic dust", mix it with water and by a physico phenomenon may extend the autonomy of our car recharging the batteries, which should be a fuel cell , replacing the huge and heavy tanks of hydrogen have been proposed for this purpose.

Myth or reality? For the time being will have to wait for the results…

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