Friday, April 1, 2011

DIY Electric Bike

by Stan Soliday
(Carson City, NV)

DIY E-Bike 1

DIY E-Bike 1

DIY E-Bike2

DIY E-Bike2

DIY E-Bike 1 DIY E-Bike2

Want to build an EV that gets the equivalent of over 2,000 mpg? Then build a e-bike.

You can check here:

Our DIY e-bikes hold about 1/2 Kilowatt-hour worth of energy. One gallon of gas has about 36 Kilowatt-hours. There are 128 ounces of fluid gas in a gallon.

So, 128 ounces gasoline per gallon / 36kWh = 3.6 ounces gasoline per kWh energy

And, 3.6 oz x 1/2 - 1.8 oz gas equivalent per 1/2 kwh = 1.8 oz gas equiv per charge up

The e-bikes will go around 30 miles per charge.

So, 128 ounces per gal gas energy / 1.8 ounces gas equiv per charge = 71 charges per gallon.

71 charges per gallon x 30 mpg = 2,133 miles per gallon

We can do this every day for 1,200-1,500 charge cycles

Check out the bikes here:

Hike, bike, ride an e-bike, drive an EV


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