Saturday, April 9, 2011

Solar cell in imitation leather

To make more sustainable development, the ideal is that solar energy is destined to a myriad of applications, not only regarding obtaining electrical energy, but also to feed all kinds of devices and technologies, which will bring more fields to develop.

Panel Solar Polimero

A developer of Stanford has recently established a system of artificial skin which applied a sensor capable of detecting any pressure change, including the landing of a fly to recognize different types of biological molecules, including also various chemical compounds.

But the interesting thing is that would be powered by solar energy, that we have included small polymer solar cells, giving it great flexibility, including be lengthwise up to 30% of its dimensions and restore its original size without losing energy.

This is possible by the integration of an liquid metal electrodes that connect devices described above, while planning use this technology to give rise to any clothing, preferably uniforms (surely apply military) and connected to new technologies that are under development.

It would be almost like wearing solar panels and walk while we recharged the energies of some device.

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