Friday, April 8, 2011

Reduced drastically in the conversion of energy losses

Is developing a new technology that could be reduced by about 90% losses occurring in the conversion of energy . The project undertakes the Transphorm company, entity whose investors include google ventures and kleiner perkins.

This new and very promising technology is based on the use of gallium nitride (replacing the traditional components) which was originally implemented developing lights LEDs. This technology could be applied in future to different devices in daily use, especially on laptops. But it might also be of great help in the generation of renewable energy, improving the performance of photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines at some points.

The potential of this type of technology benefit is really great. So you have an idea of how much energy is wasted during the process of conversion, consider that more than 10% of the total electricity consumed worldwide is lost this way...

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