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It's time to talk a little bit of chemistry, and this time we will be referring to one of the non-renewable energy that is used on a daily basis, that shall surely many know them of his Organic chemistryclasses, as they comprise one of the many groups of basic compounds.

Petroleo - 01

Hydrocarbons are precisely composed organic they consist only of the combination of different atoms of Carbon and hydrogen, forming a kind of frame of carbon atoms joined others in chemical unions that may be linearOpen or branched.

The classification is based on the structure of the links or joints between two atoms, divided into:

Open-chain hydrocarbons:

Saturated hydrocarbons: do not have double, triple or aromatic bonds only counting multiple individual links in chain. It comprises the alkanes and paraffin.Unsaturated hydrocarbons: have at least one double bond (alkene and olefin), triple bonds (alkynes or acetilénicos) between the carbonatoms.

Closed chain hydrocarbons:

Cycle alkanes: closed chains of 3 to 8 carbon saturated or unsaturatedaromaticmolecules: have at least one aromatic ring as well as other links.


The exploitation of hydrocarbons commercial purposes is one of the main economic activities, often directly influencing the economy of a country, so take advantage of these resources tends to be vital for the growth of a nation.

Of its operation, we can distinguish two main products:

Oil: extraction is performed in the so-called oil fields, where they are in State liquid and surrounded by a characteristic geologic formation.Natural Gas: in gaseous hydrocarbons that are usually accompanied by oil.

At the same time, the hydrocarbons are also used for the production of plastics, a variety of waxes, and different lubricants of multiple applications, from automotive to manufacture of paints, oils and varnishes.

Gas Natural

Addition to his burning generates a large amount of carbon dioxide harmful to the environment, it is one of the main causes of poisoning, being largely absorbed by respiratory tract, and to a lesser extent by an intake accidental.

Main thing is immediate medical care, in many cases requiring mechanical ventilation, and avoid induction to vomit, since contrary to correct the error, it aggravates and can cause damage to the esophagus tract.

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