Monday, April 4, 2011

I hydrogen by mimicking photosynthesis

As many know, photosynthesis is one of the activities any sort of vegetable Kingdom can generate their own food, i.e. energy, something that if took it to the demands of electric power, is precisely what is being sought from the earliest times.


Focusing on this concept, it has been announced that a new technology that plan to use a very similar to the photosynthesis system to create electricity using hydrogen is currently in full development.

As many know, one of the ways to obtain this raw is "breaking" the water molecule, although also it may be subjected to other processes to generate new hydrocarbon resembling a fossil, fuel behaviour although of course, should participation oxygen in this reaction.

In plants, acts also as an oxidizing agent, but it is quickly released in breathing, absorbing carbon dioxide, which would have to work for increased performance (for the moment, the structure of the hydrogen cell degrades)

As if this out, this would be combined also with the use of solar energy, applying directly using a blue light technology, creating a highly efficient energy conversion system.

At the moment it's all in development and is no more than a project, though it is advancing by leaps and expected results are too optimistic.

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